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September '22 - Pakistani Floods (Muslim Aid)

September '22 - Pakistani Floods (Muslim Aid)

by Riwaya

    Last month we used our monthly community donation Riwaya Community to discuss more about climate change and Islam. We highlighted that this was the main reason our brother and sisters were suffering in the recent Pakistan floods that have engulfed the nation.

    Usually, here at Riwaya, we tend to spend every month looking at new causes. The reason is simple. We want to spread our impact in all facets of the Islamic community, one that goes beyond any single region, race, cause or charity. We are one community as Muslims and our community projects is used to emulate that.

    However, such is the scale of the floods in Pakistan that we decided to use this month’s Riwaya community project to continue with the efforts of supporting the people of Pakistan during their most difficult time.

    What is Riwaya community you ask?

    Our monthly donation that takes a % of our sales throughout our marketplace to donate to. We structured it this way, ensuring that as an islamic and ethical marketplace we grow, our support for our community grows! You can check out our other donations at

    This is why we have donated to the Islamic Charity Muslim AId! To support those on the ground in Pakistan, making sure they have the equipment to help them in this time of need. You can find out more here:

    What do Muslim Aid say?

    Since June 2022, torrential rains have hit Pakistan due to an extreme monsoon season and melting glaciers, causing devastating floods. One third of the country is underwater, homes, roads and crops have been washed away. The Pakistan authorities have reported that the floods have resulted in:

    • 33 million people (15% of the population) have been affected
    • Over 1,200 deaths
    • Thousands have been injured
    • Over 300,000 homes have been destroyed and a further 692,000 homes damaged
    • 730,500 livestock lost

    The Muslim Aid team in Pakistan have launched an emergency appeal and are on the ground now delivering emergency relief and assistance.

    So far, we have reached 29,325 people in three districts including district Quetta, Pishin, and Killa Saifullah in Balochistan. We are providing affected families with:

    • Vital food supplies
    • Emergency shelter kits
    • Safe and clean drinking water
    • Essential hygiene kits

    How can I get in touch?

    Have something you want us to support or partner with? Get in touch at or through [email protected]

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