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A wonderful way to gather the family with our exciting range of Islamic games and Islamic board games.

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Are these games suitable for all ages?
These games are designed for various age groups, from the age of 6 to adults. This educational board game is full of excitement, knowledge, humour and action. The game teaches you about Islam, through challenging questions that broaden your Islamic knowledge and strengthen your general development.
Can these games be played competitively?
Islamic board games combine entertainment and education. They offer a balance between learning about Islam and having a good time with family and friends. How is your knowledge of Deen and Dunya? Participate in the search for knowledge about Islam, in a relaxed and educational way. 
Are Islamic board games suitable as gifts?
These gifts are perfect for families, friends, and anyone who loves to gather around the table and let the good times roll. Islamic board games are a thoughtful and meaningful choice for various occasions, whether it's birthdays, Eid celebrations, Ramadan, or other special events. They not only provide entertainment but also contribute to the recipient's knowledge of Islam. By gifting an Islamic board game, you show that you care about their spiritual growth and enjoyment, and these games can also serve as an engaging way to introduce Islamic teachings to friends and family.