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Brighten up your special celebrations with colourful islamic decorations - perfect to create an islamic atmosphere and to get the family into the festive mood

What are the 4 types of Islamic decorations?
The four types of Islamic decorations are:
1. Arabic Calligraphy: This intricate art form uses the Arabic script to create visually appealing and spiritually meaningful designs. Quranic verses, names of Allah, and other religious phrases are often depicted using calligraphy.
 2. Islamic Geometric Patterns: These intricate, mathematical designs are inspired by Islamic architecture. Geometric patterns symbolize unity, infinity, and the interconnectedness of all things.
3. Floral and Plant Motifs: These decorations often feature stylized flowers, leaves, and vines, reflecting the natural world while adhering to the Islamic prohibition against depicting living beings.
4. Arabesque Designs: Arabesque patterns are complex, interwoven designs that may include both geometric and floral elements. They are commonly found in architecture and serve as a form of ornamentation. These types of Islamic decorations are often combined to create aesthetically pleasing and spiritually significant artworks and items for the home. You can find it at Riwaya Islamic marketplace.
Can Islamic home decorations be given as gifts?
Yes, Islamic home decor makes thoughtful and heartfelt gifts for a variety of events, including weddings, housewarmings, Ramadan, Eid, birthday, and more. They are treasured presents because they have special cultural and spiritual significance.
Can I customise Islamic home decorations?
Yes, some of our sellers offer customisable options, allowing you to add personal touches such as names or specific Quranic vers. This personalisation adds a unique and sentimental aspect to your home decorations and also perfect as a gift. Shop at Riwaya Islamic marketplace get amazing Islamic decorations from aronud the world at your fingertips.
How can I make my house more Islamic?
To make your home relevant to Islam, consider adding things that reflect the values and traditions of Islam. Decorate your walls with beautiful Arabic calligraphy, display Islamic art depicting geometric patterns and historical scenes, and set up a dedicated prayer area with essentials. Organise a collection of Islamic books, decorate with lights and illustrations, and add greenery for a touch of nature. Place an Arab or Persian rug, remove privacy curtains, and create a space for prayer and meditation. Embrace seasons like Ramadan and Eid by decorating your home with decorations. These modifications can transform your living space into a safe space that is in line with Islamic principles.