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Welcome to our stunning range of Arabic men's perfumes. You'll find your perfect gifts for your Husband, Son, Father of yourself! Browse through our amazing sellers andd their range of attars and ouds in the comfort of your home in one marketplace. All alcohol free! Carefully selected for the best in mens fragrances. We are sure you will find something for all of your special occasions.


Q1: What are some popular Islamic fragrances for men?

Some popular Islamic fragrances for men include musk-based perfumes, oud-based scents, amber, sandalwood, and floral notes like jasmine and rose. Each fragrance has its unique blend that appeals to different preferences. These fragrances are often sought after for their rich and captivating scents.

Q2: What is oud?

Oud, also known as agarwood, is a resinous wood that is highly valued in perfumery. It is derived from the Aquilaria tree and is known for its rich, woody, and aromatic scent. Oud is a common ingredient in Arabic and Islamic fragrances, adding depth and complexity to the perfume blends.

Q3: Can men's Islamic perfumes be gifted?

Yes, men's Islamic perfumes can be gifted as they make thoughtful and meaningful presents for various occasions. They are appreciated for their high-quality ingredients, long-lasting scents, and adherence to Islamic principles. Gifting Islamic perfumes allows recipients to enjoy fragrances that align with their cultural and religious beliefs.

Q4: Where can I buy men's Islamic fragrances online?

You can buy men's Islamic fragrances online at Riwaya. Our verified Muslim sellers offer a wide range of Islamic perfumes and scents for men, including Arabic fragrances, musk, attars, and more. Explore our collection to find fragrances that suit your preferences and provide an authentic Islamic fragrance experience.