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Wondering where to find good quality muslim books? Look no further than our extensive range at Riwaya. We have a wide range of educational Islamic books both for children and adults.

What are Islamic children’s books?
Islamic children’s books are literature specifically designed for young readers, focusing on themes of Islamic teachings, values, history, and culture. Our marketplace sell high-quality Islamic children books at affordable prices.
Where can I find Islamic children’s books?
You can find these books in Islamic bookstores, libraries, educational institutions, and online marketplace such as Riwaya. Discover our best Islamic books for children. Shop our extensive range of collection of educational Islamic books for children and adults.
What are the topics to teach children about Islam?
Teaching children about Islam encompasses topics such as the concept of Allah as one God, stories of Prophets, arabic alphabet, prayer, fasting, charity, pilgrimage, Islamic manners, months and festivals, character development, historical events, art and culture, respecting differences, ethical consumption, etc.
Are there interactive elements in Islamic children’s books?
Yes, some books include interactive features such as puzzles, coloring pages, activities, and discussions to engage children and make learning fun. Through interactive activities and stories, so children can learn about Islam in fun ways.