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What is Ethiopian black seed oil good for?
Ethiopian Black Seed Oil extracted from the world renowned Nigella Sativa plant, 100% pure and organic providing a raw and pure unfiltered taste and aroma. It is known to be heavily combative against many illnesses such as: eczema, asthma, flu, and reduce risk of breast cancer.
Is organic raw honey better than regular honey?
Yes, organic raw honey is generally considered to be better than regular honey due to its unprocessed and unfiltered nature. Organic raw honey is obtained from bee farms ensuring the bees are not exposed to synthetic pesticides or antibiotics. This results in a more natural and pure product that retains its beneficial enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Regular honey may undergo processing and filtration that can remove some of these valuable nutrients. Want to go beyond the benefits of honey between organic and raw? Check out the spiritual and Islamic benefits of using honey in our blog here
What makes Madina Ajwa dates different?
Ajwa dates, a luxury variety of dates, are distinct due to their black color, soft texture, and unique flavor profile that isn't as sweet as other types. Despite their elevated cost, they offer exceptional value through their richness in antioxidants. Madina's Ajwa Dates hold a significant place in Islamic tradition, prized for their exquisite taste and potential health advantages. These dates are reputed to possess anti-inflammatory attributes and are often included in diets due to their abundant nutritional content.
Are Palestinian Medjool dates the same as other dates?
Palestinian Medjool Dates, often regarded as the "king of dates," are prized for their remarkable quality and sweetness. Originally known as "Madjhoola" in Arabic, these dates have their roots in Morocco. Today, they are cultivated in several countries, including the Palestinian Territories. The lush Jericho region hosts a rising number of Palestinian farms cultivating these prized dates. Renowned for their size and flavor, these dates are a preferred choice for both snacking and gifting, with their origins and production making them a unique and cherished treat.