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Stand out from the crowd and be proud of your muslim identity. the latest in modest fashion for both him and her. A range of abayas, thobes and jubbas in a range of colours and styles.


Q1: What is modest clothing?

The term modest clothing or modest dressing refers to a style of clothing designed to cover the body appropriately and ethically according to Islamic teachings. The idea behind it is to avoid focusing on one's physical appearance and draw attention to one's internal qualities instead.

Q2: Is wearing modest clothing mandatory in Islam?

Yes, modest dressing is mandatory in Islam. It's considered a religious obligation for adult Muslim men and women to dress modestly, according to the Quran, hadith, and Sunnah.

Q3: What is Awrah in Islam?

Awrah in Islam refers to the parts of the body that Muslims should cover. For women, this includes everything except the face, hands, and feet. For men, it covers the area between the navel and the knees.

Q4: What are the key elements of modest wear?

Modest wear typically includes loose-fitting garments that cover the body adequately, such as long-sleeved tops, full-length skirts or trousers, dresses with modest necklines, and head coverings like hijabs or headscarves for women.

Q5: Is modesty limited to clothing?

No, Islam promotes modesty in all aspects of life, such as modest behavior, speech, and conduct. It emphasizes humility, decency, and respect in interactions with others.

Q6: Where can I buy modest clothing online?

You can buy modest clothing online at Riwaya. Our verified Muslim sellers offer a wide range of modest clothing options for both men and women, including abayas, coats, hijabs, thobes, tops, no-silk ties, and more.