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Discover our unique Islamic tasbih selection with high quality beads. Perfect for your daily prayer or for gifts.


Q1: What are prayer beads (tasbeeh/tasbih)?

Prayer beads, also known as tasbih or misbaha, are a string of beads used by Muslims during dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and recitation of prayers or Quranic verses. They aid in counting repetitions and focus during spiritual practices.

Q2: How are prayer beads (tasbeeh/tasbih) used?

Prayer beads are held in one hand while the fingers move along the beads, reciting specific phrases or names of Allah, such as "SubhanAllah" (Glory be to Allah) or "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is the Greatest). Each bead represents a repetition, helping the individual keep track of their prayers or dhikr.

Q3: What are the different names for prayer beads (tasbeeh/tasbih)?

Prayer beads are known by various names in different cultures and languages. Some common names include tasbih, misbaha, dhikr beads, and rosary.

Q4: What materials are prayer beads (tasbeeh/tasbih) made of?

Prayer beads can be made from a variety of materials including natural stones (such as agate, amber, or turquoise), wood (such as olive wood or sandalwood), glass, metal (such as silver or gold-plated beads), plastic, and even seeds (such as date seeds or lotus seeds).

Q5: Where can I buy prayer beads (tasbeeh/tasbih) online?

You can buy prayer beads online at Riwaya. Our verified Muslims sellers offer a variety of tasbih and misbaha options made from high-quality materials such as beads, wood, and gemstones. Explore our collection for your spiritual practices and remembrance of Allah.