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Explore our best Islamic jewellery for women, crafted with detail and inspired by Islamic heritage. From Arabic necklaces, bracelets, and Islamic pendants.


Q1: How to choose jewellery for a muslim woman?

When choosing jewellery for a Muslim woman, you can consider her preferences, cultural traditions, and adherence to Islamic guidelines. Choose pieces with Islamic symbols, expressing modesty and modesty. Choose high-quality materials, respect traditional influences, and make sure the jewellery fits well. Customise jewellery if desired and buy from a trusted source. Follow the Islamic guidelines, avoiding images of living things and excessive decorations.

Q2: Is woman allowed to wear jewellery in Islam?

In Islam, women can wear jewellery such necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings. However, modesty and respect for religious values are important. The Quran and hadith provide guidance on appropriate dress and adornment. Women can wear authorised items such as gold and silver, but there are restrictions. Decorations should be comfortable and not distracting. 

Q3: What type of jewellery is worn by muslim woman?

Muslim women wear various ornaments in accordance with the Islamic values of modesty and traditional customs. Common types of jewellery such as necklaces with calligraphy or religious symbols, earrings with Islamic designs or precious stones, rings with Quranic verses or the name of Allah, and bracelets. Explore our best Islamic jewellery for women, crafted with detail and inspired by Islamic heritage at your fingertips!

Q4: How do I choose the right size for Islamic jewellery?

When selecting Islamic jewellery, it's vital to follow the sizing guidelines provided by the sellers. These guidelines cover necklace lengths, ring sizes, bracelet sizes, and earring dimensions. Correct sizing ensures the necklace sits well on the neck, rings fit comfortably on fingers, bracelets rest nicely on wrists, and earrings suit the ear shape. If uncertain about sizing, consider taking accurate measurements or seek assistance from Riwaya Islamic Marketplace sellers for a perfect fit.