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Inspiring and enjoyable activities for the budding muslim and muslimah! Find unique gifts in our childrens range : learning toys, jigsaws and Islamic puzzles. It's all here!


Q1: How to teach kids about Islam?

Teach kids about Islam through storytelling, age-appropriate books, educational videos, interactive apps, and engaging activities that focus on Islamic teachings, values, and practices. Encourage open discussions, answer their questions, and lead by example in practicing Islam.

Q2: How to make Islam fun for kids?

Make Islam fun for kids by incorporating games, crafts, songs, and storytelling related to Islamic themes. Use colorful visuals, props, and interactive activities to teach them about Islamic concepts, stories from the Quran, and the importance of Islamic values.

Q3: How can kids memorise the Quran?

Encourage Quran memorisation for kids by providing them with Quranic learning toys, audio CDs with Quran recitations, digital Quran devices for children, and interactive apps that facilitate Quran memorisation through repetition, visualization, and engaging exercises.

Q4: How to teach a child to pray in Islam?

Teach children to pray in Islam by using products like prayer mats with illustrated prayer positions, prayer books for kids with step-by-step instructions, and interactive prayer rugs or toys that guide them through the prayer rituals. Incorporate products that make prayer enjoyable and memorable for kids.

Q5: Where can I buy Islamic products/gifts for my kids online?

You can buy Islamic products and gifts for kids online at Riwaya. Our verified Muslims sellers feature a variety of educational toys, books, clothing, and accessories designed to inspire and educate children about Islam in a fun and engaging way.