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Prophet Adam AS Stories Ebook | Printable Activities, Coloring, Craft Projects, Quran Journaling, Hadith Flashcard, Poster Print

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"Prophet Adam and Hawwa" Interactive eBook Package - A Digital Journey into Islamic Stories for Young Minds!

Dear Families and Young Readers,

Embark on a delightful digital adventure into the world of Islamic stories with our exclusive eBook: "Prophet Adam and Hawwa." More than just a story, this interactive package is designed to make learning enjoyable, meaningful, and hands-on for children.

What's Inside Your Enhanced eBook Package:

  • Answer Questions: Engage young minds with thought-provoking questions that encourage comprehension and critical thinking about the story
  • Coloring Adventures: Spark creativity! Printable coloring pages bring Prophet Adam and Hawwa's tale to life, allowing children to express themselves through vibrant color
  • Mind-Bending Crosswords: Challenge young intellects with crossword puzzles that reinforce key concepts and vocabulary from the story.
  • Maze Exploration: Navigate through exciting mazes that add an extra layer of fun while reinforcing the journey of Prophet Adam and Hawwa.
  • Word Search Excitement:Unleash the joy of discovery! Word search puzzles introduce new words and reinforce familiar ones related to the story.
  • Reflective Journaling: Encourage personal growth with a Reflection Journal. Children can express their thoughts, feelings, and lessons learned from the story.
  • Hadith Flashcards: Make learning stick! Exclusive printable Hadith flashcards provide a hands-on way to explore timeless teachings related to the story.
  • Engaging Worksheets: Reinforce learning with printable worksheets covering various aspects of the story. Match characters with descriptions, fill in blanks, and more.
  • Creative Craft Projects: Dive into hands-on creativity! Craft projects inspired by the story allow children to bring characters and scenes to life in their own unique way.
  • Quran Journal for Kids: Deepen the connection with Islamic teachings through a specially designed Quran journal. Encourage daily reflections and note-taking to instill a love for the Quran.
  • Poster for Dua - Prophet Adam's Forgiveness:

Decorate your space with a beautiful poster featuring the dua (supplication) that Prophet Adam made for forgiveness. Inspire children to learn and recite this meaningful dua regularly.

Why Choose "Prophet Adam and Hawwa" Enhanced eBook Package:

Comprehensive Learning: A variety of activities that cater to different learning styles.

Wholesome Fun: Engaging worksheets, craft projects, and more add an element of play to the educational journey.

Printable Magic: All activities are conveniently printable, allowing kids to enjoy and learn at their own pace.

Islamic Values: Immerse your child in the rich teachings of Prophet Adam and Hawwa, fostering a love for Islamic stories and values.

Start Your Enhanced Journey Today:
Purchase "Prophet Adam and Hawwa" Enhanced eBook Package from us and watch as your child discovers, creates, and learns in an exciting and enriching way!


Size :
Ebook : 8.5in x 11 in
Answer Questions: A4 Size (Portrait)
Coloring Adventures: A4 Size (Lanscape)
Mind-Bending Crosswords: A4 Size (Portrait)
Maze Exploration: A4 Size (Portrait)
Word Search Excitement: A4 Size (Portrait)
Reflective Journaling: A4 Size (Portrait)
Hadith Flashcards: A4 Size (Lanscape)
Craft : A4 Size (Portrait)
worksheet : A4 Size (Portrait)
Poster : 8in x 10in
Quran Journal : 8.5in x 11in

Please note: This is a digital product; no physical shipment to your house. There will be no refunds and exchanges for this digital product.
Enjoy instant access to the magic of learning!

Happy Exploring!

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