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10 Set Islamic Prayer Translation Wall Art, Flashcards, Classroom decor, Prayer Room, Kids Playroom, Muslim Gifts, Educational Poster

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Elevate Spiritual Learning for Kids, Teens, and Muslim Parents! Our Islamic Prayer Guide is a vibrant and educational journey through Salah, designed for kids, teenagers, Muslim parents, and revert Muslims. Perfect for classrooms, bedrooms, playrooms, or homeschooling environments, this guide introduces young minds and families to the beauty of Islamic prayer in a fun and accessible way.

Key Features:

Kid-Friendly Design: Thoughtfully crafted with vibrant colors and playful illustrations, our guide captivates the hearts of children and teens during their spiritual journey.

Educational Resource for Families: Ideal for family bonding, this guide encourages Muslim parents to explore the significance of Salah with their kids and teenagers.

Printable Flash Card Option: Transform the learning experience by printing our guide as a set of flash cards! An interactive tool for easy memorization and understanding, suitable for schools, prayer rooms, and at-home use. 

Versatile Decor: Beyond education, our guide serves as charming bedroom or playroom decor, adding a touch of spirituality to your family space. 

Tailored for:

 Muslim Kids , Muslim Teens , Revert Muslims ,Muslim Families , Parent-Child Learning ,Home Education , Masjid Libraries , Interfaith Families , New Muslim Families , Parent-Teen Discussions


Format: Digital Download / Printable Flash Card Size:  - 16 x 20" PDF file Print onto 4x5" | 8x10" | 12x15" | 16x20" (4:5 ratio) - 18 x 24" PDF file Print onto 6x8" | 9x12" | 12x16" | 15x20" | 18x24” (3:4 ratio) - 11 x 14" PDF file Print onto 11x14" - A1 PDF file Print onto A5 | A4 | A3 | A2 | A1

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Make learning Salah an exciting adventure for your kids, teens, and entire family. Download our Islamic Prayer Guide today and explore the joy of spiritual education in a playful and colorful way.

Important Note:

 This is a digital item download, not a physical product. No physical item will be shipped out. You will receive a downloadable file immediately after purchase. 

 How it Works: Purchase: Complete your order through Riwaya. Download: Once payment is confirmed, Riwaya will provide a download link. Access Files: Click on the link to access and download your Islamic Prayer Guide files. Print or Use Digitally: Print the guide or use it digitally on your device. It's yours to keep and reuse!

Why Digital? Instant Access: No waiting for shipping! Begin your spiritual journey immediately.  Reusability: Print multiple copies or use it on various devices.  Eco-Friendly: Reduce the environmental impact associated with physical products.

 No Refund Policy: Due to the nature of the product as a digital download, we cannot offer refunds after purchase. Please read the product description carefully and ensure compatibility before completing your order.

 Need Help? If you encounter any issues or have questions, feel free to contact us. We're here to assist you on your learning journey!

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% of all sales goes to community projects

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