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Discover our best Islamic clothing for children. Shop our unique modest clothing for your children that's also great for gifts

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What are common types of Muslim baby clothes?
There are several types of Muslim baby clothes such as onesies, bodysuits, rompers, dresses, tops, bottoms, sleepwear, outerwear, and sets that feature Islamic motifs, Arabic calligraphy, or verses from the Quran. Each type serves a specific purpose, from everyday wear to special occasions, ensuring that babies are comfortable and well-dressed in various situations.
What materials are used for Muslim baby clothes?
Islamic baby clothes are often made from soft and breathable materials such as cotton or natural fabrics like bamboo. Usually the cotton blend is high quality materials, soft hand feeling, to avoid any harm to baby's skin
Can Muslim baby clothes be given as gifts?
Absolutely, Muslim baby clothes make meaningful gifts for newborns and baby showers. They reflect thoughtfulness and consideration for the family's values and cultural traditions. Shop at Riwaya Islamic marketplace get amazing muslim baby clothes from aronud the world at your fingertips.