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Elevate your style with our best Islamic men's clothing collection. Discover modest fashion from thobes, jubbas, t-shirt, and accessories.


Q1: What is modest clothing for men?

Modest clothing for men in Islam refers to garments that are loose-fitting and cover the body appropriately. This typically includes clothing such as thobes, long shirts, loose trousers, and garments that do not reveal the shape of the body.

Q2: What are some examples of modest clothing for men?

Modest clothing for men includes thobes (long garments worn as outerwear), long shirts or tunics that cover the upper body, loose trousers or pants, kufis or headwear, and garments that are not form-fitting.

Q3: What counts as men's Awrah?

For men, the Awrah typically includes the area between the navel and the knees, while the rest of the body should be covered modestly in loose-fitting clothing.

Q4: Which clothes are forbidden for Muslim men?

Muslim men should avoid clothing that is tight, revealing, or immodest. This includes clothing that excessively emphasizes the body's shape, such as tight-fitting shirts or pants. Additionally, men should avoid wearing clothing made from silk or adorned with gold, as well as clothes that resemble women's attire, such as skirts or dresses.

Q5: Where can I buy men's modest clothing online?

You can buy men's modest clothing online at Riwaya. Our verified Muslim sellers offer a wide range of modest clothing options for men, including thobes, tops, trousers, no-silk ties, and more.