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Elevate your style with our best Islamic women's clothing collection. Discover modest fashion from hijabs, abayas, coats, swimwear Muslim, hijab magnets, and pins.


Q1: What is modest clothing for women?

Modest clothing for women refers to loose-fitting clothes that cover the body appropriately, including everything except the face, hands, and feet.

Q2: Is modest wear only for women?

No, modest clothing is not restricted to women. Men also have guidelines for dressing modestly in Islam. For men, this often involves wearing loose-fitting clothes that cover the body appropriately, avoiding tight or revealing outfits, and opting for garments like thobes, long shirts, and trousers that aren't form-fitting.

Q3: What are some examples of modest clothing for women?

Modest clothing for women includes long dresses, abayas, coats, long skirts, modest tops with longer sleeves, loose-fitting pants, and hijabs or headscarves. These garments are designed to provide coverage in accordance with Islamic guidelines while offering comfort and style.

Q4: What counts as a woman's Awrah?

A woman's awrah in Islam refers to the parts of her body that should be covered in front of non-mahram men (those whom she can potentially marry), including the entire body except for the face, hands, and feet.

Q5: Which clothes are forbidden for Muslim women?

Muslim women should avoid clothing that is tight, sheer, revealing, or displays intimate body parts like cleavage, thighs, or shoulders. Additionally, clothing with offensive graphics or messages should be avoided.

Q6: Where can I buy women's modest clothing online?

You can buy women's modest clothing online at Riwaya. Our verified Muslim sellers offer a wide range of modest clothing options for women, including abayas, coats, hijabs, skirts, and more.