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What is Abaya for women?
Abaya is full-length, loose-fitting clothes, in the Middle East and other places with sizable Muslim populations. In accordance with religious precepts and principles of modesty, it is made to cover the entire body except for the hands, feet, and face. Shop abaya for women online at our marketplace and get amazing brands from aronud the world at your fingertips.
What are benefits of wearing abaya?
The benefits of wearing abaya is to protect from the hot sunny climates, promote modesty and self-respect, and create a sense of community as a muslim woman. Abayas are designed for ease of dressing. With their loose-fitting nature and often simple closure mechanisms, such as buttons or zippers, they can be easily worn and removed, saving time and effort compared to more complex outfits.
What Abaya Size am I?
Determining your abaya size requires specific body measurements. Also, keep in mind that different brands and designers may have different size charts. However, no need to worry about that because Riwaya's seller will be happy to guide you to find perfect size when making a purchase.
Where to buy abaya near me?
You can consider shopping for abayas online. Riwaya is the world's first online premium Islamic gifts marketplace that also offers wide range of abayas and provide shipping services. Explore our sellers that focus on modest and Islamic clothes at Riwaya. Shop online at our marketplace and get amazing brands from around the world at your fingertips.