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Q1: What is a prayer mat/rug?

A prayer mat, also known as a sajjadah or musalla, is a small rug or mat used by Muslims during their daily prayers. It provides a clean and comfortable surface for prostration (sujood) and kneeling while praying.

Q2: What is the purpose of a prayer mat/rug?

The purpose of a prayer mat is to create a clean and designated area for Muslims to perform their prayers. It serves as a barrier between the person praying and the ground, ensuring cleanliness and comfort during the prayer ritual.

Q3: Are prayer mats/rugs used by all Muslims?

While prayer mats are commonly used by Muslims for their daily prayers, not all Muslims use them. Some may pray directly on clean surfaces or carpets without using a specific prayer mat.

Q4: Can prayer mats/rugs be washed?

Yes, prayer mats can be washed, but the method and frequency of washing may vary depending on the material and care instructions provided by the manufacturer. It's important to follow proper washing guidelines to maintain the quality and longevity of the prayer mat.

Q5: Where can I buy travel prayer mat/rug online?

You can buy travel prayer mats online at Riwaya. Our verified Muslim sellers offer a variety of compact and lightweight travel prayer mats designed specifically for on-the-go convenience. Explore our collection of high-quality travel prayer mats that are easy to fold, portable, and ideal for use during travel.

Q6: Where can I buy prayer mat/rug  online?

You can buy prayer mats online at Riwaya. Our verified Muslims sellers present a range of prayer rugs in different designs, sizes, and materials. Choose from our collection to find a comfortable and beautiful prayer mat for your daily prayers.