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Gift your loved ones an islamic prayer mat set complete with personalisation. Earn rewards for every prayer made on the muslim prayer mat

What is the Islamic prayer mat called?
The Islamic prayer mat is often called as a "sajjada" or "musalla" in Arabic. It is also known as a prayer rug, prayer carpet, or prayer mat in English.
What are the different types of prayer mats?
There are various types of prayer mats available to cater to different preferences and needs:
 1. Traditional Prayer Mats: These are classic prayer mats with a simple design and usually have a mihrab (prayer niche) to indicate the direction of Mecca. They are available in different colors and sizes and are used by Muslims all over the world.
 2. Traveler's Prayer Mats: Designed for portability, these mats are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for travelers. They can easily be folded or rolled to fit into a bag.
 3. Premium Prayer Mats: These mats are often made from high-quality materials like silk, velvet, or premium fabrics.
 4. Children's Prayer Rugs: These rugs are made with children in mind, often featuring cute designs and games, lessons or activities to engage young worshipers during prayer.
 5. Prayer mats with Storage: These can have pockets or compartments to hold personal items such as keys, phones or prayer beads, providing a convenient solution for keeping important items while you pray. prayer.
Why are prayer mats important?
Prayer mats serve as a symbolic and practical tool for Muslims to establish a clean and designated space for prayer. They help create respect and focus during worship and also protect the knees and forehead from direct contact with the ground.
Where can I buy Islamic prayer mats?
Islamic prayer mats are available at Riwaya Islamic Marketplace, Islamic bookstores, and specialty stores that offer Islamic merchandise. Shop online for mats that align with your preferences in terms of size, design, and material to enhance your prayer experience at Riwaya.