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Editable Digital Muslim Wedding Invitation Islamic, Green Peacock Theme Cards Islamic as Nikkah cards, Editable video Invitation

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Welcome to our digital wedding card shop, where we blend traditional elegance with modern technology to bring you a remarkable option for your Muslim wedding. Introducing our Peacock Green-themed digital print Muslim wedding card, designed to showcase the beauty of Islamic art and culture. This card is a perfect blend of sophistication, tradition, and innovation, enhanced with a captivating video invitation.

The Peacock Green theme pays homage to the mesmerizing beauty of peacocks, symbolizing grace and abundance. Combined with intricate Islamic patterns and motifs, this color palette creates a captivating design that reflects the spirituality and richness of your Muslim wedding ceremony.

Our digital print Muslim wedding card not only features a stunning visual design but also incorporates a captivating video invitation. This unique feature allows you to personally invite your loved ones and share your love story in a heartfelt manner. The video invitation can be customized to include traditional Islamic blessings, verses from the Quran, or any other personal touch you desire.

Immerse your guests in the joy of your wedding celebration as they receive this exquisite digital print Muslim wedding card. With its intricate design and heartfelt video invitation, our Peacock Green-themed card ensures that your guests will feel honored and excited to be part of your special day. And since it's a digital print, it offers the convenience of easily sharing through physical means, such as mailing or handing out the cards.

Edit, download and print yourself, or have it professionally printed.
All wording is editable so it can be used for any event!
Add anything you want!
Personalize your template in Canva, an easy to use template editor that works in your web browser.

W H A T - Y 0 U - G E T
❤ PDF immediately on download with link to access your template on
❤1080 x 1920 px Digital Electronic Editable Muslim Wedding Invitation Canva Template (For sharing on social media, Whatsapp or Email)
❤ 5 x 7 inches Invitation Canva Template (For Printing purposes)
- Invitation Card Front : 5" x 7"
- Invitation Card Back : 5" x 7 "
- The Details : 5.5" x 4.25"
- RSVP Barcode Card template : 5.5" x 4.25"
- RSVP Mail Card template : 5.5" x 4.25"
- RSVP Thank You Card : 5.5" x 4.25"
- SmartPhone Invitation Video : 1080px x 1920px


1. After you complete your purchase, we will send you an access link to your customizable document(s). The email may take a few moments, and it will be sent to whatever email address is connected to your account
2. Edit your file on Canva by changing words, fonts, sizing, and other key aspects to personalize your document. Never worry about losing progress; Canva saves your file automatically as you make changes.
3. Download your file as a PDF/ JPG/PNG and then print or email your document or Next, you can either send the digital smartphone sized templates through your phone or print physical invitations! It's up to you!

What can you edit?
- Background colour
- Font size
- Font
- Position of text
- Position of graphics
- Position of shapes used in template (square, background etc.)

What can you not edit?
- The colour of the flowers in border
- The size of the template itself

Some of the graphics and text may not move, which is the result of them being locked into position.
To change anything on the template, ensure it has been unlocked first.


1- You can print this at home or get it printed from a local print shop.
2- For printing please choose the PDF print option or maximum quality (as recommended by your printer) from the download options in Canva.
3- Please print only the 5 x 7'' file shared for best results.
4- Please note that the colors may slightly vary depending on your printer and paper quality/finish.
5- It is recommended to print on a textured 300gsm card for best results.
Ensure that the sizes of the invitations are inputted correctly when printing for the best results.

This is only a digital template - physical products will not be delivered to your address

These template can be used multiple times after purchase and download!
Enjoy your templates!


1. All templates must not be resold, shared, or used commercially.

2. Colors on final prints may vary depending on your printer settings. We will be unable to issue a refund based on your print results.

3. Since this is just a template, you will be responsible for checking correct spelling and grammar. No refunds will be given for mistakes.

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