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Raw Organic Black Seed 500g

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This is 500g of premium unprocessed, certified organic black Nigella sativa seed. It was harvested in Egypt and certified organic by Germany. This product is designed to be crushed into small bits and added to raw organic honey water. 

This is NOT black seed honey and this is NOT black seed oil. We do not recommend black seed honey or black seed oil for reasons described in our article: The Best Way To Take Black Seed With Honey.

"Black seed" is the seed of a plant named Nigella sativa which native to the Indian Subcontinent and West Asia. It is a small black seed which is also known as nigellablack cuminkalonji (Urdu), habbatus-sawdaa' (Arabic and Malay) and kalojeera (Bengali). 

Size: 500g net weight in a sealed pouch
Colour: Black
Texture: whole black seeds, unprocessed, with bits of dry leaf
Organic: certified organic by the ÖkoP Zertifizierungs GmbH (Germany), DE-ÖKO-037

Read on for more details about the origin, uses and the best way to take this seed with honey.

NOTE: The images given here of the seeds are stock magnified images for illustrative purposes only, they are not images of the actual seeds.



The earliest written reference to the black seed is in the Book of Isaiah of the Bible, in which it is referred to as “Ketzah” in Hebrew, a spice for bread and cakes:

"For the black cumin is beaten out with a stick and the cumin with a rod." (Isaiah 28:27)

But it is its use in Islamic medicine that has made black seed famous in traditional remedies all over the world. The origin of its use in traditional medicine can be traced back to a saying of the Prophet Muhammad (s):

"In the black seed is a cure for every illness except death." (Sahih Al-Bukhari 7:71:592)

For this reason, another common name for the black seed in the Arab world is habbatul-barakah (the blessed seed).

The best black seed in the world is found in Egypt, where it has been harvested for thousands of years. It is reported that Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt used black seeds and there are even reports that black seeds were found in the tomb of Tutankhamun himself.

This black seed is the purest black seed available, harvested in Egypt itself. This product should not be confused with cheaper alternatives on the market.



In accordance with EU directive 1924/2006 we are unable to make any health claim about any of our honeys. The information given below is either background information about the plants from which our honey comes, or anecdotal based on customer reviews. It should not be inferred from the plant properties that this honey automatically possesses the same qualities or provides the same benefits as the plant.

The black seed has been extensively researched over several centuries by scientists all over the world.

Traditional herbalists Avicenna and Ibn Al-Qayyim made extensive use of black seeds in their remedies to heal a range of ailments from fevers and common colds to high blood pressure, asthma and respiratory illnesses.

Many of the traditional remedies involving black seed involve taking it with honey in some form or another.

The principal bioactive compound in the black seed is thymoquinone. Since 1960 at least 406 research papers on thymoquinone have been published in the PubMed database.

A 2014 study led by the University of Salzburg, Austria, documented extensively the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects of thymoquinone and the black seed.


What Is The Best Way To Take Black Seed With Honey?

Based on our research the best way to take black seed with honey is mixed in water. Water activates the living nutrients of raw organic honey and amplifies the effect it has inside the body.

And when the black seeds are taken in their unprocessed, natural state, the body is able to extract all its bioactive compounds easily.

Take a teaspoon of raw organic active honey and mix into a glass of warm water (maximum 37C). Crush seven organic black seeds into small bits, add to the mixture then drink it on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast.

If you wish you can also add two tablespoons of raw organic apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of organic psyllium husk powder to the mixture.

The 30 minutes allows the honey and black seed mixture to be fully absorbed by the body before anything else enters it.

Taking raw organic honey by the spoon or by any other means does not have the same benefits as taking honey mixed in warm water.

We do not recommend black seed honey or black seed oil for reasons described in our article: The Best Way To Take Black Seed With Honey.


Note: unless where specifically mentioned, none of these statements have been clinically proven in scientific trials and none of these statements constitute a claim as to any health benefit. Please contact us for links to the various scientific studies cited in these statements.
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