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August'22 - Pakistan Floods

August'22 - Pakistan Floods

by Riwaya

    Climate change, something we increasingly see on the news.

    Countries are giving net zero targets for their carbon emissions and everyone in the west are increasingly encouraged to abandon their old petrol guzzling cars for shiny new electric ones. The aim? To avoid the impending doom of climate change in the world.

    With a 2050 target for most countries, we are usually given the impression that we need to do something now for the next generation. However, in contrast to the predictions of 2050, 2022 has been one of the most extreme years for the climate since records began. In the United Kingdom, this summer saw temperature records broken and the driest start to the year ever. Europe was engulfed in wildfires and extreme weather was witnessed across the globe.

    Climate change is not for the next generation.Climate change is now. As Muslims, we have moral and religious obligations to maintain and protect the environment. This has been echoed by the Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change released in 2015. 

    But why mention this on Riwaya? Are we not an online islamic and ethical marketplace? Dont we support islamic businesses to go to the next level? Although that is true, when we started Riwaya we started it on the foundation of community. To do whatever is necessary to help propel the muslim community. Whether that's business tools, marketing, buying or selling or supporting them in times of difficulty.

    That's why we have the Riwaya community, our monthly donation that takes a % of our sales throughout our marketplace to donate to. We structured it this way, ensuring that as an islamic and ethical marketplace we grow, our support for our community grows! You can check out our other donations at

    And this month’s donation is for the Pakistan floods. A devastating monsoon season has seen aggressive flooding in the south of the countries, killing over 1000 people and displacing over millions. A direct consequence of the very real and current impact of modern climate change. This is why we have donated to the Islamic Charity Penny Appeal! To support those on the ground in Pakistan, making sure they have the equipment to help them in this time of need. You can find out more here:

    The extreme monsoon downpours across Pakistan have resulted in over 900 tragic deaths so far, with the government issuing warnings of further life-threatening downpours. The country's climate minister has declared a state of emergency, and Penny Appeal is supporting the high commission and people of Pakistan during this time of emergency and crisis. Families are mourning their loved ones while trying to survive these horrific conditions – we must act now! 

    The southern city of Karachi, home to 16 million people, has suffered the immense impact of these extreme conditions, with homes, and entire neighbourhoods submerged in water. Buildings have been destroyed, crops have been swept away and the road and infrastructure damage has been catastrophic. 

    Pakistan ranks among the most vulnerable countries on the Global Climate Risk Index when it comes to extreme weather conditions, and this situation is sadly only getting worse. 

    Penny Appeal Pakistan have been providing essentials to help families survive these circumstances. From food packs, clean water, jerry cans and hot meals, we are working to support those most in need. But we must do more!

    Have something you want us to support or partner with? Get in touch at or through [email protected] 

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