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January'22 - Read Foundation

January'22 - Read Foundation

by Riwaya

    As we have been doing since we launched Riwaya Community, we donate to causes in the UK and abroad. This month’s donation is about Read Foundation – Children’s homeless project   

    Originally established in Kashmir and Pakistan with the primary objective of improving educational facilities and resources. Now Alhamdulillah, Reed foundation has expanded to several other locations including Bangladesh, Lebanon, turkey, and Yemen. Reed foundation takes a unique approach to alleviating poverty. Following the sunnah of the messenger of Allah it takes a strategic long-term approach to poverty elimination. By comparing a young child’s education to planting a seed that grows with knowledge’.  A profound metaphor that highlights the importance of early years education.

    How does reed foundation aim to achieve these lofty values? Mainly through building successful schools equipped with modern resources. Teachers are supported through regular training. Female teachers are recruited to serve as role models for young girls. Over the years reed foundation aims to educate over 100 million children.

    This month Riwaya is hoping to support this unique cause. The child homeless project. The focus of which is supporting the most vulnerable of street children.  The UN reports that 385 million children live in extreme poverty lacking in necessities. Reed’s foundations drop-in centres provide shelters to protect such children in need. Staff are equipped to support young children to rebuild their lives.  A communal mindset is at the heart of Riwaya’s business philosophy. Working collectively for the common good and welfare is one of our aims. Particularly in creating an ethical and morally responsible business mindset that recognises that our blessings that need to be shared.

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