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How to Sell Islamic Digital Products on Etsy?

How to Sell Islamic Digital Products on Etsy?

by Riwaya

    In a world where technology and tradition intersect, the Muslim population, numbering over 2 billion strong, is embracing digital products. Islamic digital download demand has led platforms like Etsy to shine as online marketplaces for sellers to sell their products.

    In this guide, we’ll provide you with a list of tips to flourish selling Islamic digital products on Etsy.

    What Are Digital Products?

    Digital Products are any virtual item you can download online. They include e-books, Notion templates, digital planners, printable art, flashcards for learning purposes, digital wedding invitations, etc

    Did you know?

    Digital products are undergoing a remarkable rise, projected to reach $331 billion by 2027.


    One niche stands out in this vast terrain: digital products tailored to Muslims. Given the distinct values and preferences of Muslims, like avoiding offensive content and adhering to Shariah guidelines, digital products must meet the demands of this audience.

    Examples of Islamic Digital Products

    Islamic digital products cater to a diverse range of needs within the Muslim community. Some examples include:

    Dua e-books

    Dua is a reminder of Allah SWT, and there are several authentic duas that Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to recite. Collecting them in one place would help Muslims make dua more often. Dua e-books come in different categories such as supplications for Ramadhan, forgiveness, studying, and so on.

    Prophet Muhammad PBUH said “God will be angry with those who do not make requests from Him” (Sunan At-Tirmidhi)

    You can find inspiration for e-books from physical Dua books:

    Digital Quran journals

    Through Quran journals, Muslims can reflect on the meanings and insights contained in Quranic verses.

    Abu Musa Al-Ash`ari narrated that the Prophet PBUH said: “Keep refreshing your knowledge of the Qur’an for [I swear] by the One in whose hand the soul of Muhammad is, it is more liable to escapes [from memory] than camels do from their hobbles.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

    Dua Book

    Digital Planners


    For one to be a productive Muslim, one must plan their day, week, and month well. Digital planners help Muslims find the perfect balance between Deen (religion) and Dunya (worldly life), by scheduling their daily tasks around prayers and setting religious goals.

    Prophet Muhammad PBUH was a productive person. He PBUH said: “The wise person, the successful person holds themselves accountable for their actions, their time, their health – everything that we know that is a value – and they prepare for what comes after death.” (Sunan al-Tirmidhi)

    Online courses

    Online courses

    Islam promotes continuous learning, and online courses have become an integral part of that process. From Arabic courses to Tajweed lessons (Quran recitation), these digital courses provide accessible and comprehensive learning opportunities for Muslims worldwide. The convenience of digital platforms allows learners to study and grow in their faith at their own pace.

    Is Etsy The Best Marketplace for Muslims?

    Etsy is a well-known marketplace where people can sell digital downloads such as graphics, e-books, and printables. However, due to its high popularity, the platform has become crowded, making it difficult for new sellers to gain exposure. For example, the number of digital prints listed on Etsy is over 6,403,724.

    Did you know?

    There are more than 5.90 million active sellers on Etsy.

    This is where Riwaya comes into play. As an Islamic marketplace, Riwaya connects digital product sellers with Muslim buyers and is less crowded than Etsy, making it your go-to to sell more, faster, and effortlessly.

    Tips to Successfully Sell Islamic Digital Products on Etsy

    different devices that could be used to sell and access downloadable products

    Here are 5 tips to nail selling digital downloads on Etsy:

    1- Know Your Niche

    To stand out from the crowd, choose a specific niche of Islamic digital products that good at. This could be something like creating beautiful templates for Arabic calligraphy. By specialising, you can show that you're an expert in that particular field.

    2- Create High-Quality Products

    When you create your digital products, put in a lot of effort to make them amazing. By doing so, people will trust your products and return to them again and again.

    Always remember the Hadith of our Prophet PBUH “Verily, Allah loves if any of you does a job, he does it with perfection

    3- Cater to Islamic Values

    Your products must align with Islamic values. Think about what's right and respectful according to Islamic teachings. For instance, since practising Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas, it wouldn’t be appropriate to sell a Christmas planner to Muslims. You will then be able to connect strongly with your customers' needs.

    4- Pricing Strategy

    Look at what others are selling similar products for and understand the market. Price your products competitively. 

    Make sure to factor in the fees of using Etsy. Here’s a quick summary for listing fees on Etsy, compared to Riwaya: 

    Fees Etsy Riwaya
    Transaction Costs 6.5% 5%
    Payment Processing Fees 4% + £0.20 1.5% + £0.20
    Listing Fees £0.16 None
    Regulatory Operating Fee (UK) 0.32% None

    5- Ethical Marketing

    When you promote your products, always be truthful and avoid using tricky selling methods. This way, people will trust you and your products more. 

    Prophet Muhammad PBUH said “Indeed the merchants will be raised on the Day of Resurrection as evildoers, apart from those who fear Allah and are sincere and honest.” (Sahih at-Targhib)

    Avoid Crowding Out and Post on An Islamic Marketplace

    Because of Etsy's popularity, new stores find it difficult to gain visibility on the site. In contrast, Riwaya's focus on Islamic products gives it an edge.

    Our platform provides a distinct environment where sellers can stand out and connect directly with a Muslim audience. Join Riwaya as a seller today, and grow your halal business.


    Is selling digital products halal?

    As long as the products in nature do not contain content against Islamic rules, selling digital products is halal.

    How to price digital products?

    Several techniques can help you set the right price. As we mentioned above, analysing competitors’ pricing strategies is key. Etsy sellers follow a Cost-based pricing strategy, as they include Etsy’s fees.

    Is it hard to sell digital products?

    Compared to selling physical products that require supplies, manufacturing, storage, and sipping, digital products are easier to create and sell.  

    How much money can you make selling digital products?

    Digital downloads on Etsy can generate several thousand dollars in revenue per month for successful sellers. However, some sellers make low amounts because of the platform's competition. 

    How to market digital products effectively?

    One of the most effective ways to market and promote your products, after optimising your listing, is to use social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest.

    How do Riwaya's fees compare to Etsy's?

    Unlike Etsy, which has various fees including listing fees and payment processing fees, Riwaya charges a flat 5% fee only when you make a sale. This transparent pricing structure can offer better profit margins for sellers.

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