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As Muslims, making dua (supplication) is a crucial way for us to connect with Allah s.w.t. and seek His guidance in our daily lives. It reminds us of His presence and His willingness to help us in times of need and helps us stay humble and focused on our faith.

EL HIDAYA - Dua Book is a compact book that makes it easy for anyone to make dua anytime, anywhere. It features a collection of 70 ad'iya, each accompanied by Arabic text, English transliterations, and translations for easy reading and understanding. To access the audio recordings of each dua in its Arabic pronunciation, simply open your phone's camera app, point it at the QR code on the bottom of each page, and tap the link to play the audio.

Take the first step towards deepening your relationship with Allah s.w.t. through the power of dua by ordering your copy of EL HIDAYA - Dua Book today. Not only is this a convenient way to make dua, but using EL HIDAYA - Dua Book can also help you improve your understanding and pronunciation of the ad'iya. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make dua in a more meaningful and consistent way.

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