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Whatever will be will be

Whatever will be will be

by Riwaya

    Will we go into another lockdown, when will the pandemic end? How many times has this question been poised ? Understandably so, since 2020 has probably been amongst one of the most difficult experienced in recent history. Lockdown after lockdown has inevitably led to mental and physical fatigue. Every day we coin new terms and phrases as new variants bring us back to start. But regardless of the mass collection of statistical data no one can speak with any degree of certainty.

    If the last two years have taught on one thing, it is that we are not in control. Ultimately, not a leaf falls without Allah’s permission. Once we remind ourselves of this simple fact then our stressed and constant worrying will inshallah subsite. At The end of the day everything is predestined. Qadr, a pillar of a believers emaan, without which our faith is incomplete. 

    Every morsel eaten has been written in the law Lawhun Mahfooz - the divine preserved tablet. Once the mind and heart expand to incorporate such ideas and values, the soul finds ease and comfort. Just remember, what is meant for me will find my way. No amount of stress or worry will benefit.  Delays arise. Deadlines are missed and frustrations happen. This is simply the human experience. Striving for perfection is impossible as only Allah is perfect but striving for excellence is a moral obligation. When we trust Allah (swt) for guidance at each stage the load is lightened the burden feels a little lighter. Allah knows his wisdoms behind each delay and behind each frustrating moment.

    Work began on Riwaya in the summer of 2020 and having launched last year, we have already experienced many late nights, stresses, things going wrong and delays out of our control, one of the key beliefs that kept us going was that if it we are meant to find success with this venture it will happen and if we are not meant to, then it will not. We as a team can only try our hardest and we will continue to do that inshallah. So thank you for our partners, sellers and customers those who have supported us in our journey so far, it means so much inshallah we will continue in our mission to help level up and support Islamic business! Have an idea you want us to talk about or how we can make Riwaya even better? Get in touch with at [email protected]or

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