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Welcome to Riwaya

Welcome to Riwaya

by Riwaya

    Our goal is very simple, to allow different Islamic businesses to showcase their awesome products on one easy website, targeted for Muslim clientele.

    Unlike Etsy or Amazon, where your products have the potential of being overlooked as customers search through 1000s of gifts trying to find the right one, Riwaya looks to showcase hand selected high quality Islamic items throughout the world on a single platform.

    Whether you’re an established business and wish to expand your online presence, present your products to a targeted Islamic audience or a brand new independent seller starting out. We have a place for you, with every seller getting their own ‘mini-store’!

    If you’re a customer, inshallah you will have all your Islamic gift needs in one place with no need to keep going to multiple stores/sites places to find your favourites!

    How can you as a seller benefit?

    • An additional revenue stream with no upfront selling fees or sign up fees
    • Marketing, website hosting and fulfilment management of an entire online system done for you
    • Increased exposure to the UK market for your awesome products and brand
    • Increased traffic and awareness of both your brand and your products
    • Benefitting from being part of the Riwaya brand
    • An incorporated feedback mechanism so we improve on our marketplace to suit your needs as a seller

    Finally, for the wider community, Riwaya has pledged to donate 10% of all its revenues to help support local community projects.

    Want to get in touch? Contact us on [email protected]

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