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Top Tips for Eid ul Adha 2023!

Top Tips for Eid ul Adha 2023!

by Riwaya

    What is Eid ul Adha?

    Eid ul Adha is a 3-day celebration for Muslims around the world. Celebrating Eid ul Adha is significant and each culture celebrates it in a unique way. However, there are sunnah acts that all Muslims engage in in every part of the world. 

    What do Muslims do on the day of Eid?

    1. Takbeer

    The takbeer is a vocal expression where we glorify Allah. It is continuous, starting from the first day of Arafat till the third day of Eid. It is a joyful expression of magnifying the gratitude we have for Allah swt. It is a repetition of the greatest forms of dhikr one can utter. 

    2. Ghusl 

    Making sure to have ghusl prior to the Eid prayer is encouraged. Not only is cleanliness part of faith, it is also an act of Sunnah which was preserved by the prophet ﷺ. 

    Hint: check out this blog which shares more about this.

    3. Wearing your best clothes

    Eid is a celebration! Hence, it is a day where we wear our best clothes and enjoy this day Allāh has favored us with. Some decide to wear traditional clothing, and others, more Islamic such as a thobe and abaya. 

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    4. Eating after Eid Salah 

    We are encouraged to attend the Eid Salah in a fasted state, breaking our fast after the Eid Salah. When it comes to Eid ul Adha food, there is not one specific dish as each culture have its own traditional recipes. What is important is to share food and eat together on this special occasion. 

    5. Attending Eid Salah in congregation 

    The Eid Salah is offered outside, unless met with difficult weather in which we then pray in the mosques. The prophet pbuh encouraged everyone, even those who couldn’t pray to attend this congregation and be part of it. It is a celebration, and seeing thousands of people come together in unison brings joy to us all.

    6. Smiling and greeting others

    It is an act of charity and a sunnah to smile at others and to meet people with a kind face. Muslims around the world usually spend some time greeting other Muslims and wishing them Eid Mubarak and wishing them a joyous day. 

    7. Decorating the house

    For those with children, an extra effort made to decorate the home makes all the difference. Eid feels even more special when your house is filled with special monuments days before. Go that extra step this Eid and fill your home with some Eid decor to give the family a memorable experience. 

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    8. Exchanging gifts 

    Exchanging gifts is another sunnah. No matter the age, exchanging gifts with one another is a way to bring about joy to a fellow Muslims face! Whether you want to gift your children, parents or friends, here at Riwaya, we have an array of products that are perfect for an Eid gift. 

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    9. Qurbani

    After the Eid prayer, those intending to perform the ritual of Qurbani offer a sacrifice, a sunnah performed by the prophet ﷺ, would complete this act of worship. 

    After sacrificing this animal (sheep, cow, goat or camel), Muslims then share this meat with their Neighbors, family, friends, and those in need. 

    When is Eid ul Adha 2023?

    Eid ul Adha is always on the tenth day of Dhul Hijjah, the day following the Day of Arafat. This year, Eid ul Adha lands on Wednesday 28th June 2023.

    Have any more questions about Eid ul Adha 2023? Click here to read our most recent blog!

    From your Riwaya family, we pray you have a wonderful Eid with your loved ones! May Allāh accept all of our duas and allow us to reach another Eid in good health and eeman.

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