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Top Non-Slik Ties to Buy Online

Top Non-Slik Ties to Buy Online

by Riwaya

    Non-silk ties have been gaining popularity not only as a sustainable and vegan fashion choice but also as a preferred option for Muslims. 

    The global luxury tie market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 3.2% from 2021 to 2028, and vegan ties are also experiencing a surge in demand as veganism grows in popularity, there are now 79 million vegans in the world, and that number is expected to grow rapidly.

    These ties, made from eco-friendly materials and featuring intricate designs, provide an ethical alternative to traditional silk ties.

    Why Wear Non-Silk Ties?

    1. Halal to Wear

    According to Islamic principles, wearing silk is prohibited for men. This is based on several hadiths (sayings of the prophet PBUH). Abu Musa reported that the Prophet PBUH said:

     “Gold and silk have been permitted for the females of my ummah and forbidden for the males.

    Non-silk ties are thus a suitable and hala option for Muslim men who want to follow their religious guidelines while still maintaining their style.

    2. Environmental Impact of Silk Production

    Silk production involves labour-intensive processes and can have a significant environmental impact. It requires huge quantities of energy and water, as an estimate of 1 metric ton of silk necessitates approximately 1,000 metric tons of water for its production. Moreover, labourers in the silk sector are subject to hazardous chemicals and unsafe work conditions.

    By buying and using non-silk ties, you are not only taking part in reducing the demand for silk and supporting sustainable practices but also following the footsteps of prophet Muhammad PBUH as he said:

    The world is sweet and green, and verily Allah is going to install you as vicegerents in it to see how you act” (Sahih Muslim)

    3. The Perfect Gift for Conscious Fashion Enthusiasts

    One of the most thoughtful and meaningful acts of love and care between friends, family members, and spouses is giving gifts. Non-silk ties are a great choice for conscious and considerate gift-giving. 

    Additionally, by gifting these ties, you not only provide a stylish accessory to your loved ones but also follow the Sunnah (teachings of the prophet PBUH) as  Aisha (RA) said: 

    "The Messenger of Allah used to accept gifts and reward people for giving them."

    4. Non-Silk Ties are Vegan

    Individuals committed to a vegan lifestyle and compassion towards animals may opt for non-silk ties as a cruelty-free alternative. These ties are made from sustainable materials such as cotton, microfiber, bamboo, and polyester, which align with the principle of harm-free production. 

    5. Durability

    High-quality non-silk ties are known for their long-lasting nature. Polyester ties are resistant to wrinkles and effortless to maintain, while microfiber ties retain their shape effectively. Unlike silk ties, they can withstand daily wear and frequent use, making them a practical investment for your wardrobe.

    Top 4 Non-Silk High-Quality Ties for Muslims and Vegans

    1. Linen Ties

    Linen ties are prized for their natural elegance and lightweight feel, making them perfect for any occasion. Their textured surface adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

    Elevate your attire with this handmade Olive Linen Tie, featuring a subtle textured design. The olive colour exudes timeless class, and the tie's width ensures a comfortable and stylish fit.

    linen tie

    2. Microfiber Ties

    With the sleek and polished appearance of microfiber ties, you can enjoy the luxurious feel of silk without the environmental impact. Stains and wrinkles are not a problem for these ties.

    Designed by SI, this handmade microfiber tie showcases a classic jacquard woven pattern in a delightful sky-blue hue. Available in multiple colours, including green, purple, and red, you can effortlessly express your personal style.

    Microfiber Tie

    3. Wool Ties

    Wool ties are warm and sophisticated, perfect for chilly weather or to add texture to your ensemble. Make a bold statement with this handmade wool tie, beautifully combining shades of pink and blue. 

    handmade wool tie

    4. Cotton Ties

    Cotton ties offer a lightweight and breathable option, making them suitable for year-round wear. They bring a fresh and contemporary twist to traditional patterns.

    Reimagine polka dots with this handmade cotton tie by SI

    handmade cotton tie

    Buy Non-Silk Ties Online

    Say goodbye to the struggle of finding the perfect non-silk tie. Unleash the true essence of sustainable Halal fashion with our thoughtfully curated selection of ties, encompassing a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary designs. Elevate your wardrobe and embrace ethical style with us!

    Shop our Islamic men's accessories collection at Riwaya today.

    Sell Non-Silk Ties Online

    Do want to sell ties online? You can unleash the full potential of your non-silk tie business by presenting your high-quality collection to a large audience of fashion-conscious Muslims.

    Start selling your outstanding ties on Riwaya and set out on a path of growth and achievement.


    Can Muslim men wear silk ties?

    Islamic opinions differ on wearing neckties made of silk, but the vast majority of scholars follow the opinion of forbidding it. There is almost a scholarly consensus that wearing silk ties and clothes fully made of it is haram.

    What are some common materials used for non-silk ties?

    Polyester, cotton, linen, and wool are the most commonly utilised materials for crafting non-silk ties.

    How do linen ties compare to cotton ties in terms of durability?

    Linen ties are strong and lightweight but prone to wrinkling. Cotton ties are soft and breathable, but also wrinkle easily.

    Are non-silk ties suitable for formal events?

    While silk ties are most suitable for formal events due to their luxurious appearance, polyester ties are also suitable. A linen or cotton tie, however, may be more appropriate for a more casual setting.

    How do I care for my non-silk tie?

    Caring for your non-silk tie involves proper cleaning, drying, ironing, and storage. For example, you should never wash your linen tie, instead, dry clean and cool iron it. Always make sure to read the cleaning and material instructions of the tie before washing/cleaning it.

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