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The Best Islamic Children Toys on The Market

The Best Islamic Children Toys on The Market

by Riwaya

    Technology today has arrived in our lives in an unprecedented fashion with the global pandemic undoubtedly accelerating the process considerably. It seems every facet of our lives has been affected by its presence, from how we communicate to shopping. Gone are even the notion of next day delivery and its being replaced by the new start-up that offer groceries in 10 minutes or less!

    Now there is an undoubtedly huge amount of benefits to technology and we can focus on all the way it has made our lives easier. Aided by national lockdowns, the use of technology ended our daily commutes and replaced them with hours of online interaction via apps such as zoom. Education, work, shopping and socialising is now dominated by an online version that promises it to be easier, quicker and less effort

    Countless apps were created with excellent resources and ideas in amongst this Muslim parent’s found themselves with additional challenges that of finding resources that meet the requirements of the faith. From educational resources to teaching material, creative and entertaining methods were produced teaching our next generation the beauty of our noble faith.

    Understanding this, Riwaya has sought to include more items specifically targeted towards children on our marketplace and helping them bridge the gap between Islam and interactivity!

    Many amazing entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this opportunity and rose to the challenge by producing resources, content and organisations. This is one of Riwaya’s ultimate goals, to create an organisation that moved the Muslim community forward in the tech world whilst respecting the parameters set by Quran on Sunnah!

    Mini Muslim Cot

    My Majid Playhouse

    MySalah Mat

    You can find all of our childrens items here

    Interested in listing items specifically for Muslim children and expand your reach? Get in touch [email protected]

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