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How To Style Abayas For Work And Universities

How To Style Abayas For Work And Universities

by Riwaya
Abaya style

    Why Women Wear Abayas?

    Muslim women wear the Abaya as a symbol of modesty and respect for Islamic principles, covering their bodies save for their faces and hands to maintain dignity and deflect unwelcome attention.

    The Prophet (ﷺ) famously said

    ”Modesty is part of Iman (faith)”  (Sahih Muslim)

    Importance of Abaya in Islam

    The Abaya is significant in Islam because it promotes Muslim women in following their religion's norms (The Quran and Hadith), which emphasise modesty and humility

    “O prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. It is more suitable that they will be recognised and not be abused. And ever is Allah forgiving and merciful.”

    (Surah al-ahzab, verse 59)

    Women all throughout the world are embracing the Abaya lifestyle due to their religious devotion to Islam. In Islamic culture, modesty is highly valued, and the Abaya is a symbol of modesty.

    The Prophet (ﷺ) famously said in two hadiths

    Modesty is part of Iman (faith). (Sahih Muslim)

    Modesty does not bring anything but goodness. (Sahih al-Bukhari)

    5 Tips to Style Your Abaya for Work

    Styling your abaya according to Islamic principles can be an elegant way to show your faith while being stylish and professional, whether you're going to work or school. 

                                     Abaya style

    1. Neutral Colour

    It is very important to select neutral colours for the workplace, like black, navy, charcoal, or earthy tones. Neutral colours are often more modest and less eye-catching. They do not attract undue attention, which is consistent with the Islamic concept of modesty.

    2. Hijab and Niqab

    The colours of your hijab or niqab should complement or match the colour of your abaya. This results in a more solid and put-together appearance.

                                             Hijab and Niqab   Hijab

    3. Accessories:

    Enhance the abaya's aesthetics with subtle jewellery and accessories, such as wristwatches, small earrings, and necklaces, for a fresh and stylish look.

                                          Earrings   Necklace

    4. Bags

    Choose a practical and stylish bag, such as a tote or backpack, that's large enough to hold your university materials. As it would be more comfortable for students and working women.

    5. Footwear

    We can enhance our look by wearing good and comfortable shoes. Wearing comfortable shoes like ballet flats or low-heeled boots when wearing an abaya for university and work is important for maintaining mobility and comfort during long hours.


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    How to style a black abaya?

    You can style your black abaya by considering these points,  accessorise with simple jewellery and a matching hijab, and layer with a coordinating or contrasting piece.

    How to style an abaya in winter?

    You can style your abaya by layering your abaya with thermal undergarments or leggings for warmth, a thick wool abaya for colder weather, a coat, scarf, gloves, or insulated boots for colder weather, and a coordinating hijab for style and warmth.

    Is abaya compulsory in Islam?

    Wearing the Abaya is not universally mandatory in Islam, although modesty in dress is required. For women, Islamic modesty norms often call for covering the body in loose-fitting garments. Some Muslim women prefer to wear the Abaya to meet these modesty criteria, while others may choose to wear various forms of clothing to attain the same modesty purposes.

    Can I wear an abaya to an interview?

    Yes, you can wear an abaya for interviews in practically any industry, in any season, and in any location.

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