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Routine, Productivity and the Prophetic Lifestyle

Routine, Productivity and the Prophetic Lifestyle

by Riwaya

    When we regularly think of the most successful people in society, it’s not uncommon for us to dissect their daily habits and try and replicate them in an attempt to also get their success. 

    Recent Instagram/Tiktok trends show this ideal perfect lifestyle where everyone manages to work, go to the gym, read, maintain a healthy family and social life, pray and have enough time for their side hustle. As a result of seeing this perfectly manicured life on our screens, we may feel like we’re not doing enough or not pushing ourselves to this manicured standard.

    As a result, we at Riwaya thought we’d share some thoughts and ideas on how to actually push on multiple fronts and achieve your goals as well as take inspiration from the most successful man in history the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

    Productivity Tips for Muslims

    Don’t compare to others

    You cannot compare your full picture to a snippet of insight into someone else’s life. Everyone has different lives, different responsibilities and different circumstances and it’s important to recognise our blessings and be grateful for what we have rather than being down because we may perceive others to have more.  

    What takeaways can be implement

    Continuing this, there are some consistent themes that we can implement within relatively successful people’s lives and take some actions that can be implemented in our own lives. One of the key things would be the benefits and blessings of waking up early. 

    As stated in one of Prophet Muhammad’s hadith “The early hours are blessed for my nation” [Tirmidhi] showing the blessings that can be found in these hours when it comes to productivity, work and progress. We need to ever aware that success comes from Allah (SWT) and so trying to get as many blessings in your actions is key.

    You can find out a more in detail description of how the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spent his day by reading this article here.

    Key Messages from The Prophet’s Routine

    If you just want an overview, one of the key messages is the fact that there was balance in the Prophet’s (PBUH) day. There was a set time for spirituality, family and work. One of the best ways to ensure that you have balance and are hitting all your responsibilities is to create a quick and (key word here) manageable timetable that you can stick to.

    There are plenty of awesome apps to help you manage your time e.g. but a simple piece of paper or Excel can work just as well!

    One of the consistent themes regardless of which lens you look at how you structure your day is the ability to be consistent with your routine. It is no good changing your routine every few days or not sticking to your plan. This is why having a manageable and simple plan to start off with that gives your day general structure is the best way to start, as you get comfortable you can add additional detail.

    But what if you don’t have the energy or you don’t find yourself getting distracted? One of the key reasons is ensuring you have the right motivation behind your actions. Whether that’s work, family or prayer ensuring you understand why you do what you're doing and having an eye on the bigger picture can help here.

    How can Riwaya support you?

    We also want to make sure that you love what you’re doing! This is why Riwaya was set up. 1) Because we at Riwaya love doing our bit to see Islamic businesses get taken to the next level but also 2) We know that some need assistance tools and guidance to help them pursue their dreams and passions. 

    That’s where we come in! Riwaya is a marketplace for the best premium Islamic sellers, giving you all the tools from your own – mini store, to order fulfilment, additional marketing and finally the data tools needed to take your business to the next level. Interesting in signing up? Contact us at [email protected]or here

    Islamic Productivity FAQs

    Is there a Dua for barakah?

    The prophet PBUH used to say 'O Allah, I ask You for beneficial knowledge, good provision, and deeds that will be accepted (Ibn Majah)

    Is it sunnah to wake up early?

    Yes, the Prophet PBUH used to be a morning person He also said 'O Allah, bless my ummah in its early mornings' (Musnad Ahmad)

    What was the morning routine of Prophet Muhammad PBUH?

    Although prophet Muhammad PBUH did not have a fixed morning routine, we know that he used to wake up early for Fajr (before sunrise), he would perform Fajr prayer in the mosque then do dhikr, and spend time with his companions and family members

    Did Prophet Muhammad PBUH use to nap?

    Yes, napping is sunnah and a habit of the prophet. The hadith in Sahih Al-Bukhari says, 'We used to offer the Jumua (Friday) prayer with the Prophet and then take the afternoon nap'

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