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Riwaya Turns 1!

Riwaya Turns 1!

by Riwaya

    On the 7thof February 2021, after nearly a year of planning, building and re-working we launched the world’s first premium Islamic marketplace alhamdulillah! 

    Now one year on and after, we just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us in the last year, helping us build a solid community and platform to have an even better second year.

    This message goes out to all of our customers, sellers, small businesses, partners, and people who just liked the idea and wished us the best. But most of all we say alhamdulillah and thank Allah (SWT) for the opportunity to build a platform that serves our community, empowers Islamic businesses, and allows us to give back to those in need via Riwaya Community.

    Riwaya attaches itself to this greater cause, and it is through this that motivates us to be even better, do even more and develop further. 

    We won't go into what was achieved in the last year too much (you can find our blog about that in our 2021 recap 

    However, we will just take a moment and say this is inshallah just the start. Riwaya 3.0 is scheduled to launch soon. With a confirmed place at London Shopping Festival, the Riwaya Rocket is well and truly ready for blast off! 

    Join the community, target your customers, get access to amazing services. 

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