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Riwaya 3.0

Riwaya 3.0

by Riwaya

    Introducing Qadr search and Riwaya 3.0

    Ramadan Mubarak from everyone here at Riwaya! We hope you find the months spiritually recharging and take the time out to reconnect with deen, prayer and general ibadat. 

    We launched Riwaya 3.0 just in time for Ramadan, and wanted to take you through what’s new and what is Qadr Search all about…

    Firstly, Riwaya 3.0 is the latest update to the Riwaya marketplace. From launching our first version in February 2021 to where we are now, we’ve made huge leaps in our aim of creating the world’s best marketplace for Islamic and ethical products inshallah! Each version is looking to make it even easier to shop and sell on Riwaya What’s new?

    • Brand new seller panel making it easier to get started for sellers
    • Shop by category and shop by event too (check out our Eid and Ramadan gifts here)
    • Launched QADR Search

    What is QADR search?

    In case you hadn’t seen it yet check out our QADR search product launch video here Watched it? Okay great! We’re on the aim to revolutionise how people shop their Islamic and ethical items online. We know you have an idea in mind, a price you want to spend but not necessarily what you want to buy.

    That’s where QADR search comes in! You put whatever filters you want to include and we do all the heavy lifting. QADR search scans the entire marketplace to give you bespoke gift ideas at your fingerprints.  Select how many ideas you want, press left to add to wish list and right to add to cart. Its as simple as possible.

    Check it out at and pressing the QADR button

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