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Onboarding Just got easier

Onboarding Just got easier

by Riwaya

    At, the online islamic marketplace, we’re on a mission to make it as easy as possible for ethical and islamic businesses and their customers to connect on one platform. In order to do that, we need to make it as easy as possible for amazing sellers to get started with us!

    That's why we’ve made changes in the way we onboard customers and have now introduced Riwaya three-stage onboarding and we’re excited to tell you all about it!

    Why are we changing it?

    In order to ensure that we’re onboarding the correct type of seller on the Riwaya marketplace and to fit our ethical and premium branding, we developed a robust process for our sellers.

    However, in this robust method we were relying on sellers to go different sites to onboard and it wasn’t 100% clear what was needed to onboard to get your products approved. We heard this from our sellers and set out a solution to fix it.

    The problem set? How can we make it as clear as possible to allow sellers to login and know exactly what to do and how to onboard with Riwaya.

    What are we changing?

    To make it as easy as possible, we modified the end to end flow for sellers who wanted to get started from the start to end:

    Previously: computer generated password when signing up.
    Now: User entered password when signing up

    Previously:  Not clear what steps needed
    Now: Checklist of all actions needed for customers to get started

    Previously: KYB questionnaire given to customers manually on sign-up
    Now: KYB questionnaire stored in seller panel

    Previously: PayPal connection hard to find
    Now: PayPal connection now under payment methods and can be found by one click on checklist

    Previously: Help/FAQs unclear
    Now: Full Help section on the left on the seller panel with integrated Youtube videos!

    Inshallah, these new changes make it even easier for sellers to come on board the Riwaya rocket. (p.s we’re onboarding more and more sellers to the Riwaya marketplace! Join us at

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