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10 Heartwarming Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Muslim Moms

10 Heartwarming Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Muslim Moms

by Riwaya

    In Islam, showing love, respect, and appreciation to parents is not limited to a single day. Islam encourages expressing gratitude and kindness towards parents every day of the year.

    Therefore, the idea of dedicating a specific day to further celebrate the incredible women who have shaped our lives is welcomed in Islam. As the Quran beautifully emphasises:

    “We have commanded people to be good to their parents: their mothers carried them, with strain upon strain, and it takes two years to wean them. Give thanks to Me and to your parents — all will return to Me."

    (Surah Luqman, verse 14)

    This verse underscores the immense value Islam places on honouring mothers and fathers. In this guide, we'll explore a list of heartwarming and meaningful gift ideas to honour and appreciate Muslim moms on Mother's Day.

    At Riwaya, we strive to provide a wide range of Islamic products that resonate with these values, from thoughtful gifts for loved ones to essentials enriching your journey in embracing Islamic teachings.

    1. Quran Set

    What better gift than the gift of the Holy Quran?

    When considering a meaningful gift for your mother, a Quran set emerges as a perfect choice. This set typically includes a beautifully designed copy of the Quran, featuring intricate calligraphy and elegant embellishments.

    Paired with a stand or a decorative box, the Quran set becomes not just a book, but a cherished piece of art that adds a touch of grace and spirituality to any home. By gifting a Quran set to your mother, you are presenting her with more than just a religious text; you are offering her a source of solace, guidance, and comfort.

    Each time she reads from the Quran or admires its beauty, she will be reminded of your love and thoughtfulness. Additionally, the presence of the Quran in her home will create a serene and sacred atmosphere, fostering a deeper connection to her faith and spirituality.

    Quran Sets

    2. Tasbih (Prayer Beads)

    Tasbih, or prayer beads, hold a significant place in the practice of Muslim prayer rituals, serving as a tool for maintaining focus, mindfulness, and spiritual connection during supplication. With each bead, Muslims recite praises (tasbih) and supplications (dua), fostering a deeper sense of devotion and concentration in their prayers.

    The rhythmic movement of the beads through one's fingers provides a tactile and sensory experience, helping individuals to centre their thoughts and intentions on the remembrance of Allah. As each bead is passed, it serves as a reminder to express gratitude, seek forgiveness, and invoke blessings upon oneself and others.

    When considering a thoughtful gift for your mother, a tasbih emerges as a meaningful choice. Tasbih beads come in various styles and materials, ranging from traditional wooden beads to modern designs crafted with gemstones and precious metals.

    Tasbih (Prayer Beads)

    3. Islamic Calligraphy Wall Art

    Add a touch of elegance to your mother's home with Islamic calligraphy wall art. Stands as a testament to the rich artistic heritage of Islam. This art form encompasses the elegant writing and stylization of verses from the Qur'an, transforming sacred words into visually stunning masterpieces.

    The intricate curves, flowing lines, and intricate designs of Islamic calligraphy convey not only the beauty of the Arabic script but also the spiritual depth and significance of the verses being depicted. Each stroke is imbued with meaning and symbolism, reflecting the divine wisdom and guidance found within the Qur'an.

    When considering a heartfelt gift for your mother, Islamic calligraphy wall art offers a timeless and meaningful option. Whether presented as canvas prints, framed artworks, or personalised pieces, Islamic calligraphy adds a touch of elegance and spirituality to any living space.

    Islamic Calligraphy Wall Art

    4. Prayer Mat/Rug

    A high-quality prayer mat or rug is an essential item for every Muslim, serving as essential tools for daily prayers and moments of spiritual connection. These mats not only provide a clean and designated space for prayer but also offer comfort and support during prostration and recitation.

    When considering a thoughtful gift for your mother, a prayer mat is a practical and meaningful choice. These mats come in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials, allowing you to select one that best suits your mother's preferences and needs.

    From luxurious velvet and silk mats to durable and travel-friendly options, there is a wide range of prayer mats available to choose from. Consider your mother's style and lifestyle when selecting the perfect mat for her, whether she prefers traditional designs or modern patterns.

    Prayer Mat/Rug

    5. Cookbook of Halal Recipes

    Treat your mother to a cookbook filled with delicious and nutritious halal recipes. Consider gifting a cookbook filled with halal recipes. These cookbooks offer a diverse array of dishes, ranging from traditional favourites to innovative creations, all prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary guidelines.

    By selecting a cookbook of halal recipes, you're not only providing your mom with a treasure trove of culinary inspiration but also encouraging her to explore new flavours and techniques in the kitchen.

    Moreover, cooking and sharing meals together can be a wonderful opportunity for family bonding and creating lasting memories. As your mom tries out new recipes and prepares meals for her loved ones, she'll be strengthening the bonds and fostering a sense of togetherness that transcends the dining table.

    Cookbook of Halal Recipes

    6. Islamic Jewellery

    Islamic jewellery not only serves as a beautiful adornment but also carries profound symbolism and significance in Muslim culture. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting both the wearer's faith and personal style.

    From delicate necklaces to ornate bracelets and elegant rings, Islamic jewellery comes in a variety of forms, allowing individuals to express their devotion and identity in subtle yet meaningful ways. These pieces often feature intricate designs inspired by Islamic art and architecture, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Muslim world.

    Popular symbols found in Islamic jewellery include the crescent moon, which symbolises faith and guidance, and Allah's name, which represents divine presence and protection. Additionally, motifs such as the evil eye, a symbol of warding off negative energy, are commonly incorporated into jewellery designs as a means of spiritual protection.

    Islamic Jewellery

    7. Hijab Scarf Set

    Help your mother elevate her hijab style with a set of stylish and versatile hijab scarves.

    Hijabs come in a variety of styles, materials, and designs, catering to individual preferences and occasions. There is a diverse range of options available to suit different tastes and needs. Materials such as cotton, chiffon, silk, and jersey offer varying degrees of comfort, breathability, and versatility.

    When selecting a hijab scarf set as a gift, consider opting for a collection that includes a variety of colours, patterns, and textures. This allows the wearer to effortlessly coordinate their hijab with different outfits and occasions, whether it be for formal events, casual outings, or everyday wear. 

    By gifting a hijab scarf set, you not only provide a practical and stylish accessory but also honour the wearer's commitment to modesty and faith. It serves as a thoughtful gesture of support and appreciation for their personal choices and religious beliefs.

    Hijab Scarf Set

    8. Islamic Books

    Fuel your mother's love for learning and spirituality with a selection of Islamic books by inspirational authors.

    When selecting Islamic books as a gift, consider the wide range of topics and genres available, including Quranic interpretations (Tafsir), Hadith collections, biographies of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and other prominent figures, as well as books on Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) and spirituality. Additionally, there are numerous titles that focus on contemporary issues, women's rights in Islam, and personal development from an Islamic perspective.

    Choose books that resonate with your mom's interests, values, and spiritual journey. Whether she prefers scholarly works, inspirational stories, or practical guides, there are plenty of options to suit her reading preferences.

    Islamic Books

    9. Exquisite Perfume

    When selecting perfume as a gift for your mom, it's essential to choose halal and alcohol-free options. Look for perfumes made from natural ingredients and free from any prohibited substances, ensuring they adhere to Islamic guidelines.

    Exquisite perfumes with floral or oriental scents are particularly popular among Muslim women, offering a blend of elegance, sophistication, and femininity. Consider gifting your mom a luxurious perfume with notes of jasmine, rose, oud, or musk, which are timeless classics loved by many.

    By presenting your mom with an exquisite perfume, you're not only offering her a delightful fragrance but also a touch of luxury and indulgence. It's a thoughtful gift that allows her to embrace her femininity and feel confident and beautiful, whether she's attending special occasions or simply enjoying everyday moments.

    Exquisite Perfume

    10. Set of Halal Skincare Products

    Self-care is not just a luxury but a fundamental aspect of maintaining overall well-being. Taking care of one's body, including the skin, is encouraged as it reflects gratitude for the blessings bestowed by Allah.

    When selecting skincare products for your mom, it's important to prioritise halal options that adhere to Islamic principles. Look for products that are free from alcohol and animal-derived ingredients, as these are considered impermissible in Islam. Opt for brands that are certified halal or explicitly mention their adherence to halal standards.

    A set of halal skincare products can include items such as cleansers, moisturisers, serums, and masks, all formulated with natural and nourishing ingredients. Argan oil, known for its moisturising and anti-aging properties, is a popular choice in halal skincare. Additionally, products containing honey offer antibacterial and healing benefits, promoting healthy and radiant skin.

    Set of Halal Skincare Products


    In conclusion, Mother's Day is a wonderful opportunity to express love and gratitude to the incredible mothers in our lives. Whether it's through heartfelt gifts, acts of kindness, or simply spending quality time together, let's take this occasion to honour and appreciate the women who have played such an important role in shaping who we are. Remember, the love and sacrifices of a mother are priceless and deserving of celebration not just on one designated day, but every day of the year.

    Buying at Riwaya

    Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift for your Muslim mom? Visit our collection of Islamic gifts and accessories to find unique and meaningful presents that reflect her faith and values. From beautiful Qur'an sets to exquisite perfumes and everything in between, Riwaya offers a wide range of products to make your mom feel cherished and loved on her special day.

    Selling at Riwaya

    Are you a vendor or artisan with high-quality Islamic products perfect for Mother's Day gifting? Consider selling your items on Riwaya's platform to reach a wider audience of Muslim consumers seeking meaningful and unique gifts for their loved ones. Join our community of sellers dedicated to providing customers with authentic and inspiring Islamic products that celebrate faith, culture, and tradition.


    Q1: Can Muslims celebrate Mother's Day?

    In Islam, showing love, respect, and appreciation to parents is not limited to a single day. Islam encourages expressing gratitude and kindness towards parents every day of the year. Therefore, many Muslims choose to honour and celebrate their mothers on Mother's Day as an extension of the love and respect they show throughout the year.

    Q2: Are there any traditional Islamic gifts for Mother's Day?

    Yes, there are several traditional Islamic gifts that are perfect for Mother's Day. Some popular options include Qur'an sets, tasbih (prayer beads), Islamic calligraphy wall art, prayer mats, halal skincare products, and exquisite perfumes. These gifts not only reflect Islamic values and teachings but also show appreciation and love for the recipient's faith and culture.

    Q3: What does Islam say about parents?

    Islam places great emphasis on the importance of respecting and honouring parents. The Qur'an and Hadith contain numerous verses and sayings that highlight the significance of treating parents with kindness, compassion, and obedience. Muslims are instructed to show dutifulness and care towards their parents, regardless of their faith or beliefs. It is considered a fundamental duty for every Muslim to honour and cherish their parents throughout their lives.

    Q4: What does the Quran say about mothers?

    The Qur'an contains several verses that emphasise the special status and role of mothers in Islam. One of the most famous verses is found in Surah Al-Isra (17:23), where Allah says, "Your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him, and that you be kind to parents. Whether one or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honour." This verse underscores the importance of showing kindness, respect, and honour to parents, particularly mothers, throughout their lives.

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