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Meet the sellers - Sarai Home

Meet the sellers - Sarai Home

by Riwaya

    Continuing our meet the sellers series with brand new Riwaya Sarai Home! 

    At Riwaya, we are looking at bridging the gap between Islamic sellers and their customers by creating the world’s first premium Islamic marketplace.

    To help you get to know the sellers that we have on Riwaya, we have our Meet the Sellers series which looks at giving you some more information on the businesses and people Riwaya looks to support.

    This Blog is going to focus on one of our newest sellers at Riwaya – Sarai Home

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    Who are Sarai Home? (Luxury Oud Home Fragrance)

    Sarai Home was founded in 2017 and is family-run. They began their adventure being intrigued by the wonderful and entrancing scent of Oud and its amazing benefits. A trip to the middle- sparked the creation of Sarai Home, where they have decided to create an Oud home fragrance range, including the first of its kind in the UK: our Oud scented cones and our Oud scented candles. We are bringing the scents of the Middle East, using ancient skills with modern twists refined with British luxury. 

    How Did Sarai Home Start?

    Speaking to Sarai Home, they had this to say about their journey

    “We wanted to translate our love of oud into products and experiences. We began by creating versatile home fragrance products by hand in our Kitchen which we have now outgrown due to demand and popularity. We are scientists by nature so you could say it’s chemistry!”

    What Makes Sarai Home's Products Stand Out?

    Oud-scented incense cones were the first to be introduced into the UK. We also created a tin the cones came in to act as a burner to hold the cones without the need for a burner making our products cost-effective for customers. We extended our range further by creating Oud scented candles and reed diffusers. All of our products are fully gift-wrapped making the gifting process a whole lot easier. The products are versatile and can be gifted to suit any occasion. We love our planet therefore to reduce our carbon footprint we have ensured all products and materials we use are fully recyclable, making us sustainable.

    An amazing idea! , with the extra bonus of being environmentally sustainable too! With Ramadan Eid coming up, Sarai Home’s luxury oud-scented candles are an amazing gift idea. 

    What do they think of Riwaya?

    Love the idea of a Muslim-owned marketplace where it provides luxury gifts to the community. It is a great place for all to be involved, buyers and sellers.

    Where can I find Sarai Home?

    Sarai Home’s items are on Riwaya! 

    Check out their Riwaya mini store here.

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