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Improvements to Riwaya

Improvements to Riwaya

by Riwaya

    At Riwaya, we are always striving to improve our marketplace to create the best experience for our customers, sellers and partners. That means constantly taking on board comments and feedback and looking at how we can improve our service. 

    For too long the Muslim community has been underserved in e-commerce, technology and business tools. That’s why it’s imperative for us, at Riwaya, to try our best at providing the service to help the wider Muslim community to take that next level up!

    Community is at the heart of everything we do, with nothing showcasing that more than our monthly donation policy. We donate a % of all sales that our sellers have on Riwaya to ensure as we succeed, so does our community. You can find out more here

    If you have any comments or feedback, please do get in touch on how we can make Riwaya even better! You can find us at [email protected]or 

    Riwaya - Islamic Marketplace - Improvements

    So what have been up to? It’s hard to compress all the actions we’ve taken recently in a short blog so we’ll try to just summarise them into the main actions

    1)New ways to filter and find items

    A big change we’ve made to Riwaya is the ability to filter by event! We want to make sure it's as easy as possible for you to find items that you need. That is why we have added a new ‘BY EVENT’ section, with customers now being able to filter gifts specifically for key events like Weddings, Birthdays or Eid. Shopping by category instead? We’ve got you covered, you can even filter by an event within the category section 

    2)New Search Bar

    Again, we’re always looking for it to make it easy as possible to support Islamic businesses and find your desired items. That’s why we’ve completely reworked our search bar to include auto-complete and suggestions to make sure that it is even easier to search for products on our marketplace.

    3)Google sign-in 

    A small changes but one with a big impact. You can sign in to your account with one click using Google single-sign-on. It’ll be even easier to register, add items to your wish list, get in contact with sellers and to leave feedback!    

    4)Message attachments

    We know that sometimes orders have issues, and you want to get in touch with sellers. That’s why we have now included attachments in the message centre. Simply attach your picture to the message centre to help get to a speedy and quick resolution!

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