How to Sell Islamic Products on eBay?

How to Sell Islamic Products on eBay?

by Riwaya
managing an online halal business

    Over the years, eBay has become one of the most famous online marketplaces in the world. This has given businesses lots of opportunities, but also some challenges, especially Muslim businesses.

    As eBay is not specifically intended for Muslim buyers, businesses and individual sellers on the platform need to plan carefully before posting their listings. This guide will help you understand how to start a business on eBay and effectively reach Muslim buyers. 

    What Is eBay?

    eBay is one the largest online marketplaces in the world, connecting buyers and sellers across various categories. 

    Did you know?

    eBay has over 18 million sellers, with 31%, 29%, and 15% based in the U.S., UK, and Germany respectively.

    Although most eBay’s sellers are not selling Islamic products, there is a rise in such items on marketplaces like eBay, and Etsy

    Islamic products are in exponentially growing demand. This is reinforced by the growth of the Muslim population of 2 billion, and the growth of the global halal market, which is predicted to reach $ 2.8 trillion in the incoming years.

    Exploring Beyond eBay: Discover Riwaya, Your Islamic Marketplace

    Now that you have an idea of the potential of the halal industry, especially through online marketplaces, you may want to discover alternatives that are designed specifically for Muslims, and here comes Riwaya. 

    Riwaya is the largest Islamic marketplace in the West and the world’s first premium Islamic marketplace. Based in the United Kingdom, we serve as a bridge between Muslim buyers and sellers all over the world.

    riwaya marketplace website banner

    Besides improving quality and trust by verifying every seller on our site and providing secure payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Klarna, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, we also provide a uniquely Islamic shopping experience. 

    Our Islamic product categories features, such as the QADR feature (gift idea generator), and charitable contributions, contribute to a truly Islamic experience.

    Our fees, compared to other online marketplaces, are one of the lowest and most seller-friendly fees:

    Platform Final Value Fees Payment Processing Fees Listing Fees International Fees (UK)
    eBay 12.8% (varies by category) £0.24 $0.35 (after 250 listings/month) 2.4%
    Riwaya 5% 1.5%+ £0.20 None None

    Suppose you sell a product for £45 with a £3 shipping (assuming no shipping costs) on both eBay and Riwaya. On eBay, after accounting for a platform fee of £6.44, your profit would amount to £41.56.

    Meanwhile, on Riwaya, with a platform fee of £3.32, your profit would be 44.68

    Sell Islamic Products Online

    Join Riwaya as a seller today, and showcase your Islamic products to the right audience. Your journey to success starts here. 

    Shop Islamic Products Online

    Interested in Hijabs, Abayas, Thobes, and Islamic books? We offer everything from Islamic clothing and books to fragrances and halal food. Today is the day to start the best shopping experience!

    How to Decide Which Products to Sell on eBay?

    Starting your journey as an eBay seller demands strategic decision-making, particularly when it comes to choosing the products you'll offer. 

    Here are some steps to guide you in making informed choices:

    Research Best-Selling Categories

    Every business, whether online or offline, needs market research. And being an eBay seller is no different. Before you start producing, take a step back and see which categories eBay sellers are buying, and which new categories or products are on the rise. This can provide you with a deeper understanding of your target customers as well as your competitors.

    Did you know?

    Mobile phones and accessories, video games, beauty products, and crafts products have been the most popular eBay categories in recent years.

    Leverage Your Expertise

    Consider a product category that aligns with your expertise and knowledge. Drawing from your personal experience can not only make the selling process smoother but also allow you to provide valuable insights and recommendations to potential buyers.

    If you have more than one area of expertise, choose the one you love the most, and can excel at. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said: “Verily, God loves if any of you does a job, he does it with perfection”. 

    Should You Sell One or Several Categories?

    This decision will ultimately depend on your preferences, goals, and resources, but it is generally advisable to start with selling one single category e.g. Halal food, or Islamic books, and then, once you start generating revenue, you can expand to new categories.

    Focusing on one product category can have several advantages. Here's why:

    1. It can allow you to develop a deep understanding of the products, trends, and buyer preferences specific to that niche. Eventually, you can become the ‘go-to’ in that niche.
    2. It’s easier to build a  brand identity around one niche than different ones. his focused approach enables you to communicate your brand's values, aesthetics, and unique selling proposition clearly, contributing to better recognition and recall.
    3. It can ease operations since you can streamline processes of inventory management, marketing, etc. 

    Examples of Islamic Products

    Islamic products span several categories and sub-categories. Some examples are Islamic clothing like Hijabs, Abayas, and Thobes, prayer mats, Islamic books, etc.

    Did you know? The global Islamic clothing market is expected to reach $122.73 billion in 2030.

    Another type of product that you may want to consider is digital downloads. These products have less production costs, no shipping costs, and are highly demanded. They can be eBooks, online journals, printable art, and worksheets.

    How to Sell Islamic Products on eBay?

    So you have your product type. Here are 4 simple yet effective tips for getting them live on eBay.

    1- How to Start Your Listing

    When creating a listing, accuracy is key. 

    The first step to start an eBay listing is to identify your product:

    start a listing on eBay

    If you’re selling an existing brand, a list of products will appear in the right corner. Make sure to pick the exact product you’re offering.

    If your product doesn't fit within the pre-existing listing options, you can click"continue without a match". By doing so, you ensure that buyers have a  true representation of your product.

    Once you pick a product, choose the appropriate condition. Remember to always be truthful, as our Prophet PBUH said: “Truthfulness leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to Paradise. And a man keeps on telling the truth until he becomes a truthful person…” (Sahih al-Bukhari)

    There are 4 product conditions:

    product condition when listing

    1. New with tags: A brand-new, unused, and unworn item,  in the original packaging, and/or with tags.
    2. New without tags: A brand-new, unused, and unworn item not in original packaging or may be missing original packaging materials. The original tags may not be attached.
    3. New with defects: A brand-new, unused, and unworn item with defects.
    4. Pre-owned: An item that has been used previously. 

    2- How to Create an Optimised eBay Listing

    Creating an enticing listing is essential for attracting potential buyers to your products. Consider these steps to optimise your eBay listing:

    Visual Appeal

    visuals: images and 1 video

    Add high-quality images and videos that showcase your item's unique features. Visuals provide potential buyers with a closer look at the product, enhancing their confidence in making a purchase.

    SEO Optimisation

    To ensure your listing details are SEO-friendly (for people to easily find your listing when they search for its category), use relevant keywords in your listing's title and description to improve its visibility in eBay's search results. Think about what terms potential buyers might use when searching for your specific product, and incorporate those keywords strategically.

    Example - Hijab Listing:

    unoptimised hijab listing title

    If you’re selling a hijab, titles like “Blue Hijab” are not well-optimised. A better title would be “Jersey Blue and While-Dotted Hijab”. You can get inspiration for optimised Hijab listings from our sellers on Riwaya.

    optimised hijab listing title

    Want to start a Hijab business? 

    Read our guide on tips to grow your Hijab business.

    Product Description

    A comprehensive description ensures that potential buyers have all the necessary information to make an informed decision. Include details such as dimensions, materials, features, and any other relevant information.

    3- What are eBay’s Fees

    Pricing your Islamic products appropriately involves taking into account various factors, including eBay's fees. These fees can have a significant impact on your profit margins. Unfortunately, most marketplaces, including eBay, have relatively high fees, especially for small sellers.

    As an alternative to platforms like eBay, consider exploring Riwaya, which offers a more seller-friendly fee structure, allowing you to maximise your profits while catering to your target audience.

    Let’s have a quick look at eBay’s fees, compared to Riwaya’s:

    Fees eBay Riwaya
    Final Value Fees 12.8% (can vary per category) 5%
    Payment Processing Fees $0.3 (£0.24 fixed transaction fee) 1.5%+ £0.20
    Listing Fees $0.35 (after 250 listings/month) None
    International Fee (From the UK to another country) 2.4% None
    Additional Costs Yes (store subscription, listing upgrades, ads) No
    Crowded Out Yes No
    Holds money Yes (in the cases of disputes, or due to selling history) Automatic payment after 2 weeks


    Suppose you sell a product for £45 with a £3 shipping cost on both eBay and Riwaya, your profit will be as follows (assuming no shipping cost for both):

    Platform Product Price Shipping Platform Fees Profit
    eBay £45 £3 £6.44 £41.56
    Riwaya £45 £3 £3.32 £44.68

    eBay fees calculator example

    With Riwaya you have no added costs, no overcrowding, and no payment if no sales. It’s the ideal place for you.

    4- How to Set Shipping Details

    Shipping plays a pivotal role in the overall customer experience. Here's how you can effectively manage shipping for your Islamic products on eBay:

    Specify Shipping Terms

    international shipping and local pickup

    Clearly outline your shipping terms and the regions to which you'll be shipping your items. If you're a US seller, you can offer domestic shipping. For international shipping, choose "see shipping options" and then select "international shipping."

    Consider Different Shipping Methods

    Depending on your preferences and capabilities, you can choose between self-managing shipping, using third-party shipping services, or leveraging eBay's global shipping program. Each method has its benefits, so pick the one that fits your business model best.

    For larger or more challenging-to-ship items, consider offering a local pickup option. 

    Stand Out in a Less-Crowded Islamic Marketplace

    With over 18 million sellers, no one denies that eBay is overcrowded. It’s becoming harder and harder for new sellers to get more visibility for their listings. Meanwhile, Riwaya offers an advantage due to its focus on Islamic products.

    With Riwaya, you have the advantage of a less crowded space, direct reach to Muslims, and incredible growth opportunities. Join Riwaya as a seller today, and start growing your halal business.

    eBay FAQs

    Is selling on eBay Halal?

    As long as you’re respecting the rules for selling Islamic products, selling products, whether physical or digital, on eBay is Halal. 

    Does it cost money to sell on eBay?

    Yes, eBay sellers have to pay several fees like final value fees, fixed transaction fees, listing fees, etc.

    Is it hard to sell on eBay?

    With the platform being overcrowded, selling on eBay is becoming harder and harder. Other marketplaces, like Riwaya, are more suitable for Islamic products.

    Are there any specific eBay policies that sellers of Islamic products should be aware of?

    There are no specific policies for Islamic products on eBay, but the product has to follow the general listing policies like information accuracy, and image clarity, selling policies, and it must not fall under prohibited and restricted items category.

    Who pays for shipping on eBay?

    The buyer pays for shipping and then - depending on the fulfilment method - the seller does.

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