Help us build Riwaya 4.0!

Help us build Riwaya 4.0!

by Riwaya

    3 iterations, 16 months, press releases, partnerships, 400% year on year growth and continuous improvements. Riwaya has come a long way in its short life.

    However, despite this, we at Riwaya are constantly looking to achieve the next level.

    We use these blogs as a way to connect to our audience, customers and even just as our own soundboard on being transparent on our journey to make the worlds best islamic, muslim and ethical marketplace.

    So with that being said, work is already on the way for Riwaya 4.0!

    There's a ginormous list of things we want to do, to add more value to our sellers and customers. But as any start-up founder will tell you, prioritisation is one of the biggest issues you’ll face due to time, cost and impact.

    We want to make sure that all the things we do on our roadmap are answering the question:

    Is this making the easiest and best islamic marketplace in the world?”

    So thats why we want your help in understanding what things we need to build next.

    To do this we have a 1 minute survey to complete and you could be in with the chance of winning a £50 Riwaya gift card   

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