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Unlocking the Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil in Islamic Healing

Unlocking the Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil in Islamic Healing

by Riwaya

    Black seed oil has been recommended by Islamic scholars and traditional healers as a natural treatment for a variety of health concerns. It has a lot of benefits related to health and well-being.

    What is Black Seed Oil?

    Black seed oil is a type of oil that comes from the seeds of a special plant called Nigella sativa. 

    Black seed oil, also known as "Habbatus sauda" in Arabic. Black seed has been an important element of Islamic culture for centuries. 

    Historical Significance and Prophetic Tradition

    Since the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) time 1400+ years ago, black seed oil has been revered as a potent natural treatment with strong roots in Islamic history. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) famously said:

    "In the black seed there is healing for every disease except death."

    (Sahih Bukhari)

    This hadith, emphasises the importance and some of the key benefits of incorporating black seed oil in our daily lives to cure a wide range of health conditions. 

    Scientific Proof Aligns with Islamic Principles

    Islam's teachings include not only spiritual but also physical well-being. As the Prophet (saw) said:

    "Indeed, your self has rights over you."

    (Abu Dawud)

    Due to its wide spectrum of health benefits, black seed oil fits in perfectly with these concepts. 

    Scientific studies have also supported the wisdom of the use of black seed oil by proving that the use of black seed oil in your diet contains healing potential such as:

    • It is high in antioxidants (may prevent or delay some types of cell damage) and helps the immune system. 

    • It protects a variety of diseases. 

    • It has anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation or swelling) qualities that relieve pain.

    • It has antibacterial (destroys bacteria) characteristics, and can help fight infections.

    4 Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil in Islam

    1. Immune System Boost 

    Black seed oil contains immune-boosting compounds like thymoquinone. These chemicals, which are supported by recent research, help greatly to improve the immune response of the body. 

    Islamic teachings emphasise the importance of maintaining a strong immune system for overall health. In the Islamic tradition, the body is regarded as a trust, from Allah, and taking care of health is one means of fulfilling this responsibility.

    2. Respiratory Health

    Islam promotes physical well-being, and respiratory health is a key part of that. The anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation or swelling) and bronchodilatory (a substance that works to widen narrow bronchial airways to promote breathing) properties of black seed oil may benefit those who have respiratory problems such as asthma.

    3. Digestive Wellness

    The effect of black seed oil on digestion is consistent with the Islamic tradition's emphasis on healthy eating habits. The Prophet's (peace be upon him) advice encourages conscious consumption, which reflects the Quranic principle of moderation.

    "A human being fills no worse vessel than his stomach. It is sufficient for a human being to eat a few mouthfuls to keep his spine straight. But if he must (fill it), then one third of food, one third for drink and one third for air."

    (Sunan Ibn Majah)

    According to a study, black seed oil has the ability to stimulate digestive enzymes, these enzymes are helpful for:

    • Aiding effective digestion 

    • Minimising discomfort and bloating

    4. Skin Care

    Cleanliness is highly valued in Islam and you can see more on that through our previous blog on Islamic tips on hygiene. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

    "Purity is half of Iman (faith)."

    (Riyad as-Salihin 1413)

    According to research, black seed oil has anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation or swelling) and antioxidants (may prevent or delay some types of cell damage properties. 

    • The anti-inflammatory qualities of black seed oil help ease skin irritations and minimise redness.

    • The antioxidant properties aid in the neutralisation of free radicals, which contributes to skin protection and restoration.


    Black seed oil is highly valued in the Islamic tradition due to its potential health benefits. We can use black seed oil to improve our immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, and skin-related problems. 

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    Q1: Is there any reference to black seed oil in Islamic texts?

    Yes, black seed oil is extolled for its medicinal benefits in a number of Islamic literatures, including Hadiths. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) famously said:

    "In the black seed there is healing for every disease except death" (Al-Bukhari & Muslim)

    Q2: Can black seed oil serve as a substitute for medical care?

    No, black seed oil should not be used in place of medical care. While it has traditionally been used for its potential health advantages, it is not a substitute for proper medical treatment. If you have a medical issue, you should get the advice of a certified healthcare expert before using black seed oil or any other supplement.

    Q3: Can we use black seed oil for hair growth?

    Black seed oil has traditionally been used to enhance hair health and growth, because of its vitamin content and possible benefits.

    Q4: Can we use black seed oil for weight loss?

    study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine found that overweight and obese women who consumed more black seed oil experienced reduced hunger, reduced total body fat, and visceral fat, among other benefits.

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