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Businesses that are supporting Palestine

Businesses that are supporting Palestine

by Riwaya

    In a world where global solidarity holds immense significance, the role of businesses in advocating for meaningful causes is truly noteworthy. 

    Today, we shine the light on five brands that are not just about business, but also about making a positive impact, whether through financial contributions or awareness campaigns. If you stand with the Palestinians, we believe these are the places where your money should go:

    1. Darzah

    Darzah, a non-profit, ethical fashion brand, specialises in crafting authentic, handmade Palestinian products. Proudly preserving tatreez embroidery, an art passed down through generations of Palestinian women, Darzah strives to share this rich heritage with the world.

    By choosing Darzah's handmade products, you not only adorn your life with authentic Palestinian heritage and craftsmanship, but you also contribute to a greater cause and spread the message of love, support, and solidarity with Palestine through your thoughtful choices.

    2. Palestinian Culture Center

    Founded in 1993 by a group of passionate individuals, the Palestinian Culture Center, nestled in Jordan, embodies a heartfelt mission dedicated to preserving Palestinian heritage while empowering women and supporting disadvantaged communities.

    Offering a curated range of clothing, accessories, housewares, and books, each item sold supports these noble causes. Your purchase not only celebrates Palestinian culture but also directly empowers women and sustains communities, making a meaningful impact.

    3. Zaytoon Publishing

    Zaytoon Publishing, led by author N. Salem, stands as a beacon for elevating the voices within the Muslim community through their captivating children's books and engaging activities

    With 100% of profits from each book sale donated to the Palestine Children Relief Fund, Zaytoon Publishing extends a compassionate hand to support children in Palestine.

    By choosing Zaytoon Publishing's books, you not only provide enriching literary experiences for young readers but also actively participate in making a meaningful difference.

    4. Zatoun

    Zatoun captures the very soul of Palestine within their products, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of the region. Their offerings stand as testaments to Palestine's essence, emphasising intrinsic quality over mere charity purchases.

    With a focus on olive oils and olive oil-based products, Zatoun embodies the spirit of Palestine in every bottle. These offerings not only showcase different varieties of olive oils but also encapsulate the land's heritage and the craftsmanship passed down through generations.

    5. Hints of Tatreez

    Meet Eman, the creative force behind Hints of Tatreez—a testament to the love for tatreez embroidery and Palestinian heritage. Residing in sunny San Diego with her family, Eman's passion for tatreez spans over a decade, intricately woven into her Palestinian identity.

    By supporting Hints of Tatreez, you're not just acquiring handmade creations, you're partaking in a journey that preserves Palestinian heritage, celebrates artistry, and connects cultures across borders.


    In a world often marked by divisions, these brands serve as a reminder even the smallest act of support can create substantial change. We're inspired by these efforts, urging more businesses to join this movement and stand in unwavering solidarity and we commend these businesses for their unwavering solidarity, utilising their platforms to not only showcase support but also actively contribute to the welfare of the Palestinian community. 

    Buying on Riwaya

    Looking to make a meaningful purchase? Welcome to Riwaya!, where each product holds the promise of supporting the Palestinian cause. Our sellers are committed to advocating for Palestine, and your purchase could contribute to a greater cause. 

    Join us  in making a difference, check out our products and stand in solidarity with Palestine today.

    Selling on Riwaya

    Are you a business owner looking to make a positive impact? Join Riwaya as a seller! By becoming a seller on our platform, you're not just opening your business to a wider audience, you're also supporting the cause for Palestine. 

    Join us today in advocating for a cause while growing your business. Become a Riwaya seller and be a part of a movement that makes a difference.


    Q1: How can I identify businesses that support Palestine? 

    Look for businesses that explicitly mention their support for Palestine on their websites or social media channels. Some might showcase it through donations, special product lines, or public statements of solidarity.

    Q2: How can my purchase from these businesses contribute to supporting Palestine?

    Purchasing from these businesses means you're supporting their initiatives that contribute financially or in raising awareness for Palestine. A part of your purchase may be directed towards charities, relief efforts, or community initiatives for Palestine.

    Q3: What types of support do these businesses provide to Palestine? 

    Support can vary among businesses and may include financial aid, donating a percentage of sales to charities working in Palestine, raising awareness through campaigns, participating in educational initiatives, or partnering with organisations dedicated to Palestinian rights.

    Q4: Can supporting businesses that advocate for Palestine make a tangible difference? 

    Yes, supporting these businesses can make a meaningful impact. When consumers actively choose to support companies aligned with causes they believe in, it can create a ripple effect, raising awareness and potentially influencing other businesses to take similar actions.

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