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Building Up to Ramadan 2022

Building Up to Ramadan 2022

by Riwaya

    The Sahabah Kareem prepared for Ramadhan six months in advance and then pray for acceptance six months afterwards. Many of us do not fully benefit from Ramadhan as we do not prepare enough beforehand. With only a couple of months to go, we need to start planning and preparing for the blessed month now. So, what can we do now?

    What Is Ramadan?

    Muslims consider Ramadan to be one of the holiest months of the year. During this month, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, which means that they don't eat food or drink water until sunset (this is one of the 5 pillars of Islam).

    During Ramadhan, Muslims increase their worshipping activities as their acts are more rewarded in the blessed month. They spend extra time reading the Qur’an and performing additional prayers (nawaful, and tarawih).

    How to Prepare for Ramadhan?

    We've compiled a quick list of things we can do now that will ensure we get the most out of the holiest month of the year!

    1) Start Fasting

    Firstly, we can start fasting before Ramadhan starts to get used to it. We all understand the benefits of intermittent fasting for our physical health. The fast of Dawud (as) happens every week on Mondays and Thursdays this is a good place to start. Once a month the days of fasting occur in the middle of the month these are known as ayam al beedh. They are on the 13,14,15 the of every lunar month and can act as a quick build-up to the month-long fasting.

    2) Increase Daily Ibadah 

    Ramadhan is a month of mercy and blessing in all aspects of ibadah. It’s a time to increase recitation and memorisation of the Quran as well as fasting. Make muhasabah (accountability) honestly about your daily ibadah routines and highlight areas that you would like to improve on.

    3) Track Your Progress

    Be realistic in your goal setting and aim to increase gradually. Aiming too high will result in quick burnout which will leave you demoralised, and you may give up your efforts. The aim is to develop habits that you will continue after Ramadhan.

    There are many beautiful journals and apps available to help track your daily habits. Starts increasing slowly and build up. Priority to your daily prayers. Try to pray on time, learn new surahs and try to remain focused on your salah.

    4) Reflect

    Aside from ibadah, deeply reflect on areas of your life that you want to improve. Areas such as procrastination, daily habits, and being positive in your outlook.

    It's important to greet Ramadan with a great mindset and over here at Riwaya, we are looking at making some amazing improvements to our marketplace to ensure that our community and businesses are served in the best way possible Insha'Allah!

    Ramadhan Preoperation FAQs

    Is there a dua to say before Ramadan?

    Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to say 'Oh, Allah! Grant us Barakah (Blessing) during (the months of) Rajab and Sha’ban, and allow us to reach Ramadan'.

    How is the start of Ramadan determined each year?

    The start of Ramadan is determined by a moon sighting committee, often established by Islamic authorities. It says in the Quran, surah Albaqara verse 185: {So whoever of you sights the month, he must observe Saum that month}

    What are some common mistakes to avoid during Ramadan?

    Common mistakes Muslims fall into during the blessed month are not making the intention of fasting, focusing too much on food, skipping Suhoor (as suhoor is sunnah), sleeping too much during the day, and neglecting prayers and the Quran.

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