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Building Up to Mother's Day 2022

Building Up to Mother's Day 2022

by Riwaya

    In the U.K, Mother’s day is coming up next month – a big annual celerbration where we recognise and appreciate the amazing jobs our mothers do for us. We wrote a blog about when we first got started on Riwaya (you can find it here and thought we’d tackle this years Mother’s day with a different angle

    The status of mothers in Islam is well known. The Prophet (saw) repeatedly emphasizing the importance of mothers and their sacrifices to the family structure.  The family being sacred in Islam which is the nucleus of the society. We are all aware of the famous hadith related by the messenger of Allah. 

    He said: “Be good to your mother.” He asked: “Next to her?” The Prophet repeated: “Be good to your mother.” He said again: “And next to her?” The Prophet answered: “To your mother.” The man said: To what other person should be good?” The Prophet said: “To your father.

    The hadith highlights the status of mother as being higher than that of the father due to the incredible sacrifices and pains she endures to give birth and raise her child.  We are asked to remember the many sacrifices the difficulties of motherhood prioritising her children in terms of her own health wealth time and making provision for her kids. Enduring pain during pregnancy and childbirth, her risks are so high that martyrdom and the death of a shaheed is given if she does not survive it. 

    Taking the lessons from Islam, honouring and caring for your mother should be a daily occurrence. At Riwaya, the first online premium Islamic marketplace. We help support amazing Islamic businesses by putting their products on one easy to navigate site! Want to spoil your Mother on Mother’s day? We have a full shop by event section so you can find your product as easy as possible

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