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Best Gift Ideas For Eid

Best Gift Ideas For Eid

by Riwaya

    We hope you all have been having an amazing Ramadan so far, the month is flying by but hopefully all of our readers and customers have had time to reflect spiritually on the importance of this blessed month!

    Naturally, however, as we continue to try and maximise the impact of the final two weeks of Ramadan our attention is also increasingly on the upcoming celebrations of Eid.

    At Riwaya, the online Islamic marketplace, we thought we’d make it easy for you by scouring our marketplace to give you our top gift ideas for Eid!

    And coming in at number 1… Oh wait, that's right! We don't need the traditional gift ideas of bygone years. Not taking into account individual preferences and budgets, we’re in the modern age and its about time our gift buying habits are changed too! Over here at Riwaya, we’re changing the game with our QADR feature.

    Want to read more about how it works? Check it out over here

    Rather then scouring 100s of websites and looking for products, Riwaya looks at picking hand picked items for you on a touch of a button. Gift idea lists are now a thing of the past as you let the algorithm take you on your bespoke gift ideas journey.

    See our product launch video here

    Get your bespoke eid gift ideas at a touch of a button today! Check it out (you can’t miss it by pressing the massive gold QADR button on the homepage)

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