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Lets Get Back to Basics

Lets Get Back to Basics

by Riwaya

    Rizq and the importance of getting back to basics

    Surrounded by the sounds of the tv blaring in the background with latest news of vaccines and COVID-19 restrictions; the heart and mind migrate to the stillness and calmness of the past. Times of barakah (blessings) filled the air and a type of calmness rarely experienced in our modern world. 

    With our ever-increasingly fragmented society, we can’t help but wonder how we have changed so much in such a short space of time. Neighbours barely recognising each other and families too busy for a few minutes for each other. Some are even grateful for the reprieve from social functions that the COVID-19 era had bought. In sharp contrast, our childhood memories were saturated with loving relatives laughing and joking with no sense of urgency to leave. Whilst these memories are arguably clouded in sentiment, the essence of those moments are true.

    A few generations ago, in traditional Asian culture, married daughters visiting their maternal home on special occasions were lovingly gifted with simple glass bangles and ornate pieces of jewellery which were often hand crafted with love and devotion. Aunties and uncles refusing to allow them to return home without small packages of gifts. The birth of a new-born meant the distribution of sweetmeats for the whole village. People struggled financially and their pockets were often empty, but their hearts were generous. These small acts of kindness glued society together. People had little but were willing to share, in sharp contrast to today’s more affluent society where we have an abundance of wealth but are reluctant to part with it.

    The concept that the Rizq (provision) we earn is ours due to our efforts is true in a materialistic society but for Muslims this is not the case. Whilst we recognise the effort on our part, we also acknowledge the fact that matters of Rizq (provision) are sent as a blessing from Allah SWT. Ultimately your wealth doesn’t belong to you it is designed to be shared and used to create joy in others.  These acts of kindness are used to remove the daily hate that builds up in our hearts. The Prophet (saw) reminds us that the giving and receiving of gifts softens the human hearts and brings us closer to one another. As humans we inevitably create conflict through misunderstandings, but for the sake of Allah these can be erased and we should be proactive in doing so. Something which can be done simply through a thoughtful gift.

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