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5 Apps every Muslim needs to know about

5 Apps every Muslim needs to know about

by Riwaya

    Our smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, serving multiple purposes, and religion is no exception. With an array of religious and Islamic applications at our fingertips, these devices assist in maintaining our commitment to Salah, dedicating time to the Quran, and nurturing family connections. In this article, we will explore five apps every Muslim needs to know about in 2023 and beyond.

    Pillars: Prayer Times & Qibla

    From its beautiful user interface to the app's strong stance on protecting user privacy, Pillars became the go-to prayer app for hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the UK. 

    It provides accurate prayer times for your current location, as well as the direction of the Qiblah. The app also includes a variety of other features, such as a Quran reader, a tasbih counter, and a hadith collection.

    Main features:

    • A built-in compass that points to the direction of the Qibla, ensuring proper prayer orientation

    • Customizable prayer time reminders to keep you on schedule

    • A comprehensive Quran reader with multiple translations and audio recitations

    • A tasbih counter to keep track of your dhikr recitation

    • A collection of authentic hadiths for spiritual enlightenment

    Download on App Store  |  Download on Google Play Store

    Dhikr & Dua - Life With Allah

    Dhikr & Dua is a beautifully designed and user-friendly app that empowers Muslims to seamlessly incorporate dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and dua (supplication) into their daily lives.

    The app offers an extensive collection of authentic dhikr and dua, categorised by various occasions and purposes. Users can effortlessly browse, search, and create personalised favourites lists to seamlessly access their preferred selections.

    Main features:

    • Over 500 dhikr and dua, categorised by various occasions and purposes, making it easy to find the right supplications for your needs.

    • The ability to browse, search, and create personalised favourites lists for quick access to your preferred dhikr and dua.

    • Informative explanations of the benefits and significance of each dhikr and dua.

    • A tasbih counter to keep track of your dhikr recitation, ensuring consistency in your devotional practice

    Download on App Store  |  Download on Google Play Store

    Quran - by

    For those seeking an aesthetically pleasing and ad-free platform to engage with the Quran, emerges as an exceptional choice. 

    Available for both iOS and Android devices, this user-friendly app, caters to users of all levels, from beginners to seasoned reciters, ensuring a seamless and enriching Quranic experience. 

    With, users can immerse themselves in the sacred verses of the Quran, savouring the beauty of its recitation and embarking on a journey of memorization. 

    Main features:

    • A selection of translations and tafsirs to enhance comprehension

    • High-quality audio recitations by renowned reciters

    • Customizable bookmarking and sharing options

    • Tajweed tutor to refine pronunciation

    • Word-by-word translation for in-depth understanding

    Download on App Store  |  Download on Google Play Store

    Muslimah App

    Muslimah, the first Islamic app designed specifically for Muslim women, serves as a comprehensive resource that includes a variety of features, such as a prayer times tracker, a Quran reader, and a hijab tutorial section. 

    Muslimah also includes a community forum where Muslim women can connect with each other and share advice.

    Main features:

    • Accurate prayer times based on GPS

    • Quran reader with multiple translations and audio recitations

    • Detailed hijab tutorial section with step-by-step instructions and diverse hijab styles

    • Community forum for Muslim women to connect, share experiences, and seek advice

    Download on App Store  |  Download on Google Play Store

    5. revolutionises Quran recitation learning by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI). This unique app provides real-time feedback on your recitation, identifying and analysing pronunciation errors, and offering personalised suggestions for improvement.'s AI-powered guidance assists users in mastering Arabic letter pronunciation, refining tajweed (rules of recitation), and enhancing overall recitation fluency.

    Main features:

    • Real-time feedback on Quran recitation, identifying and analysing pronunciation errors

    • Personalised feedback tailored to individual needs and learning style

    • AI-powered guidance to master Arabic letter pronunciation, improve tajweed, and enhance overall recitation fluency

    Download on App Store  |  Download on Google Play Store


    By integrating these apps into your daily routine, you can elevate your faith journey and strengthen your connection with Allah. These tools serve as valuable companions, providing guidance, support, and inspiration as you navigate the path of spiritual growth.

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    Q1: How do I choose the right Quran app for my needs? 

    Consider factors like user interface, translations offered, recitations, and additional features such as tafsir or memorization tools when choosing a Quran app.

    Q2: How can Islamic apps help in daily routines? 

    Islamic apps offer support for daily prayers, Quranic studies, dua and dhikr reminders, fostering a consistent Islamic practice in daily life.

    Q3: Are Islamic apps user-friendly for beginners? 

    Yes, most Islamic apps are designed with user-friendly interfaces, catering to individuals starting their Islamic journey.

    Q4: Can I rely on prayer time apps for accurate timings?

    Prayer time apps use reliable methods and algorithms to calculate timings but using them as a primary source should be accompanied by local mosque or religious authority guidance for accuracy assurance.

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