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A Parent's Guide: Top Books for Introducing Islam to Young Children

A Parent's Guide: Top Books for Introducing Islam to Young Children

by Riwaya

    Parenting is a beautiful journey filled with moments of joy, learning, and nurturing. As parents, we strive to instil strong values and provide our children with a solid foundation for life. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by introducing Islam to our young ones and connecting them with the divine wisdom and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

    In this short blog, we will explore some of the best books on the market to introduce to young children, incorporating interactive elements to enhance their understanding and appreciation of Islam!

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    The Importance of Teaching Children Islam

    The period of childhood is of utmost importance in shaping a child's character and belief system. The Quran and Hadith provide a strong foundation for children when they are taught about Islam from an early age. Through this foundation, they are guided to make ethical decisions and navigate obstacles throughout their lives.

    Additionally, by making sure your kids receive the right knowledge from a young age, you are actually following the sunnah (teachings of the prophet PBUH). Prophet Mumahhed PBUH ordered us to teach our kids how to pray:

    "Teach your child to pray, when he becomes seven, and punish him for not obeying it from the age of ten"(at-Tirmizi No. 407).

    How to Introduce Kids to Islam?

    Introducing kids to Islam can be a fun and engaging experience. To get started, be a good example by demonstrating Islamic values and practices in your daily life as our prophet PBUH said:

    "The best amongst you are those who have the best manners and character" [Bukhari]

    Teach children the core beliefs of Islam, such as the oneness of Allah, prayer, and fasting. Incorporate interactive activities like hands-on games and crafts to learn the 99 names of Allah SWT. 

    Instead of reading bedtime stories about made-up characters, consider telling your children captivating tales about Prophets and companions. This way, they can learn from the examples set by the best men to ever walk the earth and follow Prophet Mohammed's teachings. As the Quran states, "Indeed in the Messenger of Allah you have a good example to follow."

    {Indeed there is in Allah’s Messenger an excellent and fine example for you.} [Al-Ahzab:33:21]

    Top Islamic Children's Books

    1. “30 Hadith For Kids” by Zanib Mian

    A unique selection of 30 hadith, that provide explanations written in a language that is child-friendly and relatable to young minds. The lively design, and illustrations, sprinkle humour and includes a section on how they can use the wisdom in their lives. This fun and colourful book promises to build a new love for hadith in young hearts.

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    2. "My First Quran Storybook" by Saniyasnain Khan:

    This delightful book presents simplified Quranic stories with vibrant illustrations, capturing the attention of young minds. It provides a gentle introduction to the Quran, allowing children to relate to the timeless messages contained within its verses. As parents, we can read these stories aloud, engaging our children in discussions about the moral lessons and values highlighted in each tale.

    3. "The Holy Quran for Kids" by Yahiya Emerick:

    This book is an excellent resource for parents who want to introduce their children to the Quran's actual text. It presents selected verses from the Quran in a simplified and child-friendly language, providing explanations and background information. By reading the Quran together and discussing the verses, parents can foster a deeper understanding of the Quran's wisdom while promoting a love for its words.

    4. “My Islamic Kids Activity Books”

    Kids love getting creative and what better way to introduce an interactive way to learn about the deen than via this Islamic activity book? With pages full of fun stuff including; colouring Masjids, following the Arabic alphabet, word search and much more for you to enjoy with the children in your home! A fantastic way to help your kids enjoy their religion; with the added benefit of you strengthening your bond with them.


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    5. "Coloring the Tajweed Rules" by Darul Kutub:

    Combining fun and education, this colouring book introduces children to Tajweed rules through interactive illustrations. It provides an enjoyable way for kids to learn about the rules of pronunciation, including elongation (madd), pauses (waqf), and more. Parents can engage in colouring sessions with their children, making it an interactive and memorable experience that fosters a deeper understanding of Tajweed.

    Introducing Islam to young children is a gift that will shape their spiritual journey. By incorporating these carefully selected books into our parenting routine, we can provide our children with a strong foundation in Islamic teachings, fostering a love for the religion of Islam. 

    Top Tip!

    Remember to create a nurturing environment, encourage questions, and engage in meaningful discussions that help children connect further with the deen

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    Where to find Islamic children's books online?

    The easiest way to find online books is through Islamic e-commerce businesses and marketplaces like Riwaya, the one Islamic marketplace in the UK.

    When should I start teaching my child Islam?

    As children differ, the appropriate learning age also varies. It is generally recommended to start teaching the basics like Salah 'prayer' and short chapters at the age of 7.

    How to make Islamic learning fun and engaging for children?

    To make Islamic learning fun, use interactive activities like card games, bedtime stories, colouring books, nasheeds, cartoons,  and other children's materials that can incorporate Islamic knowledge.

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