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5 Tips For a Great Eid

5 Tips For a Great Eid

by Riwaya

    As the bittersweet moment arrives at the end of Ramadhan, we find ourselves caught up between two emotions. On the one hand we say farewell to the blessed month and on the other we welcome the joyous festive of Eid. 

    Over here at Riwaya, we’ve written up a short blog with five ideas on how to have a great eid (even with lockdown)

    This year, family members can for the first time in over a year enjoy the day together. And finally a sense of optimism fills the air. 

    Amidst all of this we must not forget to make dua on the night of Eid as it will not be rejected (As – Suyuti). 

    1. Dress to impress

    Starting the day with ghusul and putting on our best clothes dressing up in our best clothes ensures we begin by following the sunnah. The messenger (saw) used to have a bath on the day of Fitr and put on his best athar

    2. Sweet treats before you leave

    Most of us recall waking up on Eid morning to the sweet aroma of vermicelli or sweet rice. A sweet treat for breakfast to share with neighbours and friends sounds like the perfect start to the day. Of course, not forgetting the humble dates especially an odd number before we leave for eid Salah.

    3. Check your masjid and start the takbeerat

    Although masajids are slowly opening check before you leave as most are still operating on less than full capacity. A quick check before you leave may save disappointment, remember to take an alternative route on the way home to fulfil the sunnah!

    Top tip: Takbeer should be recited on the way to the mosque in a soft voice. The ‘Eid Takbeer is: Allahu Akbar, Allahu akbar. La illha illa; waalaha akbar, Allahu akbar wa lillahil hamd. 

    Although some social distancing rules still apply, we can ‘cautiously hug’ congratulate each other and asking Allah to accept each other’s deeds.

    4. Decorate the home

    Let’s keep making that extra effort at home, many homes are decorated with Eid lanterns and balloons. From sophisticated décor to simple downloadable buntings personalised at home. There is a way for everyone to liven the days with festive cheer. 

    Top tip: More fun if the children join in and personalise the whole look!

    No matter how it done if sharing is involved then it’s all good!

    5. Time for presents and competitions

    Modern sweet tables sit alongside traditional meals. And the humble ‘eidee’ has transformed to the secret santa or secret eidee a way of giving gifts with a hint of suspense. 

    And finally, a day free of mobile phones and gadgets where the family participate in old favourites like twister or monopoly. Competitions with prizes and talent shows either on Zoom or in the garden; all ways to make the day more memorable!

    From everyone here at Riwaya, have an awesome day!

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