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2021 In Review

2021 In Review

by Riwaya

    As 2021 wraps up to a close, it’s an amazing time to stop reflect of what we achieved together with Riwaya but also allow us to reset, focus and get started onto what we need to do for 2022 to truly level up Riwaya, our sellers and the way Islamic e-commerce is conducted.

    With a brand new COVID strain growing an alarming rate, the one hopeful view that the end of restrictions and lockdowns had occurred after the vaccine has somewhat diminished. However, we at Riwaya believe with disruption comes opportunity!  As in-store shops close down, a whole community of amazing entrepenuers who wish to promote, develop and take their brands to the next level but need to the ready-made tools, data and marketing support to ensure they are on the right level.  Despite learning a lot and making mistakes in 2021, we have had a lot of success too. So lets quickly recap some of the highlights of our year. 

    • Launched Riwaya 1.0 in February 2021
    • Had 100’s of sales and 1000’s of additional revenue for our sellers
    • Created with partnerships with MVSLIM, influencers and Fintechs like Rizq
    • Launched our first billboards for Eid 
    • Launched Riwaya 2.0 
    • Allowed our sellers to sell internationally
    • Launched our weekly blog series 
    • Launched our deals of the month newsletter
    • Launched our meet the seller blog
    • Expanded the team to include a Head of Social Media and Lead Developer 

    But despite all this and the lessons learnt, we are not satisfied with resting on our laurels and using the base set in 2021 

    • Launch Riwaya 3.0
    • Continue pivoting to a more premium marketplace
    • Expand our data and analytics offering 
    • Improve UI/UX with brand new search functionality and filter ability
    • Onboard more and more sellers!
    • Meet fans of Riwaya in person at event
    • Continue to expand our in-app tools  
    • Offer more payment options
    • Implement our seller and customer feedbacks

    Interesting in our learning more? Follow us on our social medias, get in touch via email [email protected]or through our contact formand lets grow the world’s best online Islamic marketplace together!

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