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Printable Ramadan Prayer Tracker, Muslim Planner, Salah Tracker Printable, Daily Salah Tracker, Ramadan home decor, Salah party, Eid Mubarak

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Welcome to our Ramadan Planner for Children, specially crafted to make the holy month more engaging and organized for your little ones! This vibrant and interactive planner is designed to help children learn and cherish the beauty of Ramadan while staying on top of their spiritual and practical tasks. Here's what's included:

Salah Tracker: Encourage your child to keep track of their daily prayers with our Salah tracker. It's a fun way to instil the importance of regular prayer habits.

Tarawih Challenge: Make attending Tarawih prayers a delightful adventure with our Tarawih challenge section. Set goals and celebrate achievements together as a family.

Weekly Meal Planner: Simplify meal planning during Ramadan with our weekly meal planner. It's perfect for organizing Suhoor and Iftar meals, ensuring balanced nutrition throughout the month.

Ramadan To-Do-List: Help your child stay organized with our handy to-do-list, featuring tasks and activities tailored for Ramadan. From acts of kindness to Quran reading goals, this list will keep them focused and motivated.

Fasting Tracker: Make fasting days more manageable with our fasting tracker. Your child can mark each fasting day, record their experiences, and celebrate their progress along the way.

Ramadan Suhoor and Iftaar Prayer Poster: Add a touch of spirituality to your home with our beautifully illustrated Suhoor and Iftar prayer poster. Display it in your kitchen or dining area as a gentle reminder to invoke blessings during meal times.

With our Ramadan Planner for Children, your little ones will not only learn about the significance of Ramadan but also develop valuable skills in time management, goal setting, and mindfulness. Let's make this Ramadan a truly enriching experience for your family!

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% of all sales goes to community projects

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