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September'21 - Muslim Aid

September'21 - Muslim Aid

by Riwaya

    This month’s Riwaya community donation is supporting Muslim Aid in their Afghanistan appeal, supporting displaced and struggling refugees with the right equipment to help them survive. 

    We’ve all seen the news coverage of the recent collapse of government following the withdrawal of western troops after a 20 yearlong invasion, and a lot of it has been political coverage about what they think the new regime will bring to the table. 

    What is forgotten however, is the human sacrifice of our Afghan brothers and sisters. Those that have fled their homes, got caught up in the cross-fire or have seen their livelihood effected by the constant social and political upheaval within the country.

    At Riwaya, we’re a business that believes in empowering others. Whether that is through our marketplace platform that invites businesses to buy & sell or through our analytics to make sure our sellers are making the best decisions and you can find out more about us here:

    Fundamentally, however, we believe in empowering our community and that is why through our scheme Riwaya Community we are continuing to donate a % of our sales to charitable causes both in the UK and beyond. Giving that effort to show that regardless if you’re in London or Lebanon, we believe in trying our best in giving your rights to support you in what you need. 

    You can find our other donations here:

    As we inshallah continue with our monthly Riwaya community, we are looking for increasingly creative ways we can support our community. 

    Have a community focused cause you’d like us to support, get in touch with us at [email protected]or

    We’ll leave this short update with the hadith from the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

    ‘The believers shade on the Day of Resurrection will be their charity’ Sunan At-Tirmidhi

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